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In the midst of me watching whatever movie I can get my hands on, I too, enjoy a nice tune from time to time. I like whatever sounds good and puts me in a mood. Perhaps I can share a bit of my oh so random music taste as well as what i have to say on movies…I like theses songs gently stroke my chin at crazy hours of the night to ponder life and all its meanings…

Simply Man-Lynyrd Skynyrd (10)

Beautiful-Eminem (9)

The Prayer-Kid Cudi (8)

While my Guitar gently weeps-George Harrison (7)

Sober-Pink (6)

Same Mistake-James Blunt (5)

Shoot me down-Lil Wayne (4)

Bloody Mary-Lady Gaga (3)

Dream On-Aerosmith (2)

No believes me-Kid Cudi (1)

Not to say by any means that this 10 songs are the only ones I listen to that put me into a mood. I’m sure that if i sat down I could probably write 20 different playlist for every type of mood I’m ever in..HOWEVER as these moods occur then i’ll be able to get different varieties of playlist going and what not, in the mean time enjoy!~or don’t; whatever  >_<