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With the ways of the internet and whatnot it isn’t too difficult to hear versions of some of your favorite songs done at least ten different ways. But are all these remakes something that you should keep close along with the original or are they just unnecessary? I myself am a huge fan of acoustic songs, which the majority is, with an exception here or there. Hopefully if you have not heard these versions you can appreciate as I do and if not, let me know which ones you prefer or if you have found a better version that you’d like to share. Either way, you’re listening to good tunes so YOUR WELCOME and enjoy. =)

Sally’s Song as done by Amy Lee for the Nightmare Revisited CD (10) Original by Catherine O’Hara

Smooth Criminal as done by members of the Glee cast; was not too fond of the male’s voice however I couldn’t get over the greatness of the cello (9) Original by Michael Jackson

Hurt as done by Johnny Cash (8) Original by Nine Inch Nails

Use Somebody as done by Paramore (7) Original by Kings of Leon

Ms. Jackson as done by The Vines (6) Original by Outkast

Love Hurts as done by Nan Vernon (5) Original by the Everly Brothers

Personal Jesus as done by Marilyn Manson (4) Original by Depeche Mode

Lovesong as done by Adele (3) Original by The Cure

Sweetest Girl as done by Boyce Avenue (2) Original by Wyclef Jean

Hey Ya as done by Obadiah Parker (1) Original by Outkast