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The Human Centipede: A Tom Six film

“What do you get when you cross a crazed old surgeon with someone playing God?”

“Wait, you mean they’re not one in the same?”

Well, in Tom Six’s The Human Centipede they are most certainly are and the discussion on whether this movie has been more appreciated than unnecessary has been a heavy topic. Begging the question of “How far is too far when trying to entertain an audience?”

However it as well begs the question as to what type of movie-goer are you in fact? Whether realizing it or not, everyone will have to make a choice when viewing any movie. And quite frankly I don’t care if this comes out wrong, but it is always your choice on whether you want to see a film. No one can make you see a film, or at least if that’s the case, perhaps they should be examined. Whether due to your curiosity or something that just sparked an interest, Buyer Beware as they say. The reason I state being that I became an instant fan after first viewing. I also realize that the topic of discussion is something that has grossed out many and caused various threats on Tom Six but altogether, confused the issue on whether or not something may be too grotesque versus daring filmmaking.

Why would someone even sit through a movie that they are aware they may be disturbed in some way by?…Perhaps because as a fan, there are certain things you expect, which holds true to any genre. Do you think people go to comedies in hopes of being the most bored they’ve been all week? Or that an audience wouldn’t go into a action flick to see at least one or two high impact moments that in their opinion made the film even worth seeing. Horrors fans as well go into a flick wanting to be scared, or at best see something no one has shown us before (because we’ve certainly seen A LOT). Which Tom Six not only did but gave his audience a great introductory film for the character. He created a new face for horror with Dieter Laser; you know how hard that is to accomplish? Well think of the great villains in horror and besides Robert Englund, with few selected others, tell me you don’t have trouble thinking of someone who isn’t wearing a mask or deformed/disfigured/Alienesque in some way. He created a character in the Horror genre that ignited a certain reality and awe factor whose tactics were off putting, but not even the one we should have worried about! Which you’ll understand after viewing the second installment, if you think you can handle it.

Though coming back from my tangent; The Human Centipede tells a story of a deranged surgeon who was well-known for separating Siamese twins and now felt the need for creation. He had hoped of producing a three person “human centipede” and choose his three victims as he prepared to make the experiment of the century. Although having tried prior, his creation used three rottweiler’s who were not able to make the procedure concrete enough for Dr. Heiter. One rainy night, two American girls stumble in front of his house and once inside, soon realize the terrible mistake made. Drugged and dragged down to the basement, Heiter proceeded to explain the procedure he was to endure them of later. After the actual surgery does occur and you witness his creation for the first time, you feast your eyes on something crazy, disgusting and cinematic all at the same time. Though in comparison to the second installment, this first one is a walk through the park.

Playing as the middle and end piece’s for the centipede were actresses Ashley C. Williams and Ashlynn Yennie. Considering how difficult it may be to act terrified when having a crazy doctor conjure the idea to sew your mouth to your best friends ass, both actresses performed rather well. All things considered, I always seem surprised when the actress cannot convey in some way of me not wanting to end that dreadful noise known as their voice. What I like but you don’t find out in this first installment is that despite the typical “dumb Americans” who would get in the middle of this situation, Ashlynn Yennie can act outside these boundaries. But, you would have to see the second installment to compare the performances. I did like what Six did with her character and how he worked her back in the script; “uh oh!” I’ve said too much already.

Dieter Laser, the man chosen to play the sadistic Dr. Heiter was SUCH an excellent choice. This man is a professional, brought his own wardrobe for the entire film, interacts with his fans daily and altogether was very much the role he was made for. Loved the idea of a deranged ex-surgeon who desired to play God with three people he had lurked and waited for. Believing himself to be on the brink of being truly unstoppable. His performance was eerie and painstakingly memorable on the introduction of an entirely new character. Few words would actually be fully able to describe the looks, notations and overly behavior of how into the film he was able to get and make it his own. Writer/Director Tom Six has created something in which he knows would push boundaries however went through with anyway and plans what some are calling the craziest idea for the third installment. The two had seemed to get in a falling out in the last year that had put a halt on anyone starting the third installment. But it seems everything has been worked out as they plan to go forth and that Dieter will be returning along with the star of the second, Laurence R. Harvey.