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Besides actually getting enjoyment from just watching films I have found several songs, that if it hadn’t been for the movies in which they were in, I may have never known about. There are by far entirely too many to put in a simple little play-list. I could probably make a play-list out of a couple individual soundtracks because a lot of them are just that great However here are some top ten choices for songs I’ve found throughout the years, that have some of the scenes in which I enjoyed hearing them. Enjoy!

When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000 as heard in Little Nicky (10)

Why you wanna break my Heart as done by Tia Carrere as heard in Wayne’s World (9)

Cry little Sister by Gerard McMahon as heard in The Lost Boys (8)

Stuck in the Middle with you by Stealers Wheel as seen in Reservoir Dogs (7)

Let my love open the door as done by Steve Carell & Dane Cook as heard in Dan in Real Life (while this was not where I first heard this song and wasn’t too fond of Dane, I did like Carell’s voice and that it was made acoustic) (6)

Bang Bang as done by Nancy Sinatra as heard in Kill Bill: Volume 1 (5)

El Tango de Roxanne by Ewan McGregor as heard in Moulin Rouge (4)

Hunter gets Captured by the Game by Massive Attack as heard in Batman Forever (3) ***for whatever reason this song barely exists online so here is another by Massive Attack BUT you should definetely look up the hunter one***

Baby it’s You by Smith as heard in Death Proof (2)

And the number 1 choice going to!…In the Waiting line by Zero 7 as heard in Garden State because Zach Braff sure can put together a soundtrack >_<

Oh yea..I should be able to fix the videos not showing tomorrow, the website decided not to like me for a bit, it does that.