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While this playlist could really go a couple different ways Im choosing the 10 songs that seem fitting to my mood. I like rock from all ages, and there are so many different sub-genres that it would seem too frustrating at the moment to further my neurosis by trying to separate and feel the need to explain to a few absent minded that this is just another list and how I group together my songs is just that…oh dear, there I go again, over thinking life.

Polyamorous- Breaking Benjamin (10)

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap-AC/DC (9)

Wasteland- 10 Years (8)

Paint it Black- The Rolling Stones (7)

Aenima- Tool (6)

Living dead girl-Rob Zombie (5)

Paralyzer- Finger Eleven (4)

Welcome home- Coheed & Cambria (3)

Lithium- Evanescence (2)

Aint No rest for the wicked- Cage the Elephant (1)