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 This year at Texas Frightmare there were entirely too many tough decisions to be made. With the event being four times its size from past events, Loyd Cryer, the founder of the convention was sure to give its attendees the biggest, baddest, and flat-out, yes I will say it…the best Horror convention around these parts. If in the northern parts then that bid would certainly go to the guys up in Canada at Rue Morgue for their annual Festival of Fear, coming up later this year. Nineteen screenings, about 70 guests, 9 Q&A’s, a Carrie themed Prom, and vendors galore were just some of the great things the people at Frightmare put together this year for their attendees.

Welcome to Texas Frightmare Weekend!

Friday night they had the Carrie themed Prom in which they had dancing, drinks, and pictures with Anthony Michael Hall, PJ Soles and Nancy Allen. While I did not attend, I did hear it was an okay time. The music was so loud i could hear it perfectly fine, from the 8th floor.I did hear that they’re were plenty good costumes that people wore and the Prom pictures that were to be taken were simply against a backdrop, so not all that different from getting to meet them at their booths.

One thing they had plenty of, besides guests were the vendors. Almost anything you can imagine, and a lot of what you couldn’t imagine was found all around the different rooms. Posters/art/swords/jewelry/tattoos/shirts and so much more to fulfill our bleak and sinister’s minds with. Whether you bought something or were just able to venture about to praise others for their amazingly creative minds, it was difficult to not fall for the world created by this great convention.

On Saturday they started the day out with a couple Q&A’s of which the first I attended was the Carrie reunion which included Nancy Allen, PJ Soles and Piper Laurie. Betty Buckley was supposed to be in attendance as well as she was there on Friday signing autographs, however had to leave that same night. The videos discuss a bit of when the cast was on set, and how Piper Laurie had only watched from a far, she actually didn’t get to meet the other cast members up until a couple of years ago, crazy huh? Also, how Carrie was in fact the first movie that Piper Laurie had done after taking a 15 year break from the acting biz. I didn’t take too many video of them speaking, more so because of the fact that when Laurie spoke…you wanted to give her your full attention. Such an elegant actress and both Allen and Soles had such admiration when speaking towards her, stating that it was largely in part of her performance that made the movie so great. They also discussed Sissy Spacek’s dedication to the role stating how she had told the other cast members that she wouldn’t be talking to them, so as to remain in character. That even when they were doing the takes of when the blood drops of Carrie that Spacek would go back to her trailer to sleep as is. When asked if they would ever be an extra in a remake that is rumored for this summer if they would consider. To which Allen stated that she does not believe in remakes so wouldn’t see a point in even answering. No one could do what Spacek and Laurie did, nor should it be duplicated, and I couldn’t agree more. Oh yes, and the intro video is blurry, but none of the others were…not sure why it did that but I do apologize.

http://youtu.be/Zt-qkaOirJU   http://youtu.be/zRpgFtC-YkY   http://youtu.be/NlutXNu0ovo

After the Carrie panel was The Walking Dead, which was the most packed by far of all the panels. In attendance was Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Irone Singleton and Madison Lintz. Chandler Riggs was also present however had to leave after just one question presented to him, but he was having fun making the crowd laugh and poking fun at the “dream” he was able to live out. That is the dream of becoming a cop and getting to kill lots of crazy monsters…I guess I’ve had that dream. But the guys/and girl were all so great and were sure to keep the panel full of laughs and quips. While it has already been confirmed that Rooker will be back next season, there were also just the tiniest hint that besides the unresolved conflict that may occur between T-dog and Merle, that perhaps the audience would also get to see a lot more of Singleton as well this season. Reedus, who was a sure fan favorite was his usual playful self and I was even able to ask about his company at www.bigbaldhead.com and if thoughts on making a sequel to his 3 films could be anywhere in the future.

http://youtu.be/ah2k0GxiuCY http://youtu.be/_j_QrmVuoOo http://youtu.be/trgFUy_mtCE    http://youtu.be/_40SIhDq5oo http://youtu.be/eMSREwsvAng                http://youtu.be/-B40V59wJrw http://youtu.be/kUe2yy1qnVo

After this panel there was about a 2 hour break until the next Q&A, which was for Behind the Mask: the rise of Leslie Vernon. Only the guys from the movie were here in order to get the word out and raise some money for the second installment, which hopefully they can start working on in the fall. Other than the fact that this past weekend was filled with all sorts of exciting moments and memories I will keep forever, when asked by my friend what had been the best overall part was, it was with no hesitation that I replied getting to hang out and talk with the Nathan Baesel, Britain Spellings, Ben Pace and the director of the film, Scott Glosserman. I think on Saturday I got to talk to them for a little bit then went back to see Baesel on Sunday and chatted for almost 30 or so minutes about the movie, how great he was (ok, ok, that was me nerding out and reminding him every 5 min) some questions i had about the movie in generally after watching it. So humble and deserves every bit of attention he gets. The rest of the guys were so funny to be around and made you feel so welcome. I got a lot of video for their panel so no need to talk too much on that but if you haven’t seen their film go check it out…no! go check it out!! and if your able to help them then at least you know it’s going to a good cause.

 http://youtu.be/L23UY5uXveo http://youtu.be/uMunmF7dZA8 http://youtu.be/300rJUc7qBI      http://youtu.be/VJw7SeTX398    http://youtu.be/LO8xpMzEuvs                     http://youtu.be/IHWL7MnEYHk http://youtu.be/HDOdl0cyHfQ http://youtu.be/ky4cfs6GcR4

After getting to hear so many great actors speak on their craft it was time to treat myself to a screening. The one i chose that I will also be doing a review on was Huff which was Red State meets the three little pigs story. It starred Charlie O Connell, Clint Howard and Marie Bollinger and was directed by Paul Morrell. Not going to say anything about the movie however, since I’ll make you read the reel thing for that but will post the couple of pictures of the cast.

After the screening, which I did enjoy…and thats all I’ll say for now, it was dinner and time to get ready for the VIP party that Teas Frightmare has every year as well if you order their VIP pass. The party itself was alright, more awkward if anything. It’s basically a big room where the VIP’s and the Celebrity guest (who chose to attend) hear music and drink. Now if you don’t mind just walking up to someone who has the careers that some guests had then it wouldn’t be so bad of a time but it seems like the crowd is always divided into those who can make awkward conversation with these people/ and those that don’t so they gawk from the tables or from just being around. I really don’t blame them either. You want to be respectful but then the little nerd inside you cannot stop jumping up and down screaming “It’s freaking Tom Savini…right there!” I didn’t stay for so long BUT I did get to converse with Norman, Mr. Reedus if your nasty. 8D I had gotten him a gift this year, which he loved, whew! And we were talking for a little bit about our kids and he really is such a sweet man. I kept hearing around how because he had his glasses on he must be stuck up and that was frankly, such a stupid assumption. He’s shy people, and on top of that he is extremely attractive and popular and probably hounded by so many people (ok, I really mean girls/woman) and that may very well be my own bias opinion which is fine. Look at me getting off topic though.

The last day of the convention had at least two Q&A’s that I attended. Michael Madsen and Tom Savini, both being the reason I even purchased my ticket to begin with. I have been a huge fan of Tom Savini’s and I think he does such great work. I got to hear him, actually both him and Michael speak about Quentin Tarantino which made my weekend. Tom spoke a bit about working on Tarantino’s newest film Django Unchained and Madsen did a great impression of Quentin that was hilarious. (sidenote: the Madsen videos took the longest to upload so I do have at least one or two more, if able at a later time I will post them)

http://youtu.be/3qifZLfRgoc http://youtu.be/Z2GUN2zluq0 http://youtu.be/8iOdhKN6lag

http://youtu.be/o9NYJkesC8k http://youtu.be/jwaqZdmKaQw http://youtu.be/Sg6nobpvnVs     http://youtu.be/cIHIxUuBIdc  http://youtu.be/F_fuwNVUmb8  http://youtu.be/ISxD4gwG2VY  http://youtu.be/wu3inufe4mw http://youtu.be/-3j5ytgVt70

After Savini’s presentation I had been all Frightmare’d out. There were plenty other photos and guests I was able to meet with their own individual moments, however certainly nothing worth posting about. Loyd and the rest of the crew at Frightmare really outdid themselves this year and the way things have been going with the convention I have no doubt that they will out-do themselves again. Thank you Dallas and I hope to see you next year!