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It remains difficult to not feel apart of a dying elite club of people who can sit through, without talking, and appreciate the complexities and as well as the simplicity that occur within B&W/silent films. Being a fan of ANY good movie, I can say that a lot of the remade movies are not entirely the worst things on reel. Perhaps a blasphemy statement to some but the sad truth is that we too readily go into a film having judged it almost in its entirety OR refuse to watch all together noting that there would be no way to replace what has already graced our screens. Which okay, is usually the case. However, I do try to think of all aspects of the argument when contributing my thoughts. **Movies are a very big part of my life and always have been. Can I take them too seriously at times? Chure, I get defensive and I defend what I believe should be stood for. Just like the rest of you.**

SO, with all of that I subtly move on to the topic at hand. What better way to open a Horror film than with the sounds of blood curdling screams? I know… follow those screams with the tantalizing voice of Vincent Price introducing us at the events to follow. A necessary mention for being graced with such a presence. Price has one of the calming, menacing and all together magnificent charisma that dares you to find something as inviting as his looks. However, being of assistance, I will tell you that is not feasible. I will now try to not completely entice myself with keening over Price..for the moment.

The major difference between the versions (besides the greatness emitted from the original) was the price in which is offered. 10,000 vs. 1,000,000. Because why would 10,000 really be enough? Of course, the times they are a changing, I get it. But people who don’t have anything should appreciate whatever they’re given. Movies back then were not as lengthy either, merely a 20 minute difference, but that’s usually an entire ending sequence. Which then concludes on some illogical closing point so as to please the piranhas. The originals were made with the intention of setting the tone so when they ended eerily it just happened to be part of the story.

Frederick and Annabella have a much “better” portrayed relationship in the original as well. Though don’t get me wrong, I am extremely fond of Famke Janssen who is in the remake. If you have yet to see some of her work, she’s certainly worth checking out. But Carol Ohmart had a certain breeze when delivering her lines of which Janssen turned her version of Annabella into straight hatred. Both beautiful woman but in today’s Horror films it seems they have to force the terror more and have “flashing lights” and utter chaos. When that shouldn’t necessarily be the case all the time.

While only shown briefly I thought the houses caretakers were terrifying…okay, that’s a strong word. But there’s a scene in which Nora is down in the cellar with Lance waiting for him to enter the other room. But when she turns around the image that follows completely startled me. Not jump up in my seat or anything too embarrassing but its in those subtle moments that maintain a fear not used as frequently today that I enjoy. **However this is not always the case, just what I see getting the majority of attention. There are several examples where this is not the case and in fact am looking forward to something releasing later in the year from Rue Morgue’s Rodrigo Gudino. I’ll be sure to put the link at the end for his trailer** The last example coming to mind was the individual keys of the piano used to intensify a scene. Believe it or not I don’t watch Horror movies to hear past tunes butchered by other more “appealing” bands. Or to hear what kind of “hip and alternative” music you can use to introduce the closing credits. Some of you may not even be sure of what I’m referring to. The main point being: They just don’t make em like they used to. 

Memorable Quotes:                                                                                              “The windows have bars that a jail would be proud of, and the only door to the outside locks like vault. There’s no electricity, no phone, no one within miles, so no way to call for help”                                           

“Your jealousy isn’t tax-free, and your possessiveness is maddening”

“Darling the only ghoul in this house, is you”

“Your safer here than anyplace else”

“It’s a pity you didn’t know when you started your game of murder, that I was playing too”

“They’re coming for me now and then they’ll be coming for you”

“At last you’ve got it all, everything I had… even my life. But you’re not going to live to enjoy it! Come with me, murderess, come with me!”

Trailer for Rodrigo Gudino’s The last will and testament of Rosalind Leigh