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Today I’ve been working on a review but in the midst of that, caught the attention of a post of Facebook that I would like to share. For the next 30 days at Kickstarter.com they have begun to raise funding for a movie that hopefully can start being made later this fall. It’s the wonderful cast and crew of Behind the Mask: The rise of Leslie Vernon. I do have a review up in case you have not heard of it, right here. I really don’t think it suffices though, it really is a great hidden gem if curious to even just trust me and just purchase it, you will get enjoyment. But I write to you all today to ask even further if anyone would like to help put a little bit of money to see them return in Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon.


  You can pledge as low as a dollar (it all helps!) and if you choose to donate even 5 dollars than your name appears as a special thanks in the film! That’s pretty cool right? I’ve already put up 5 at least to help these guys, wish it could be more but I can at least try to help out in some other manner. So YOU should be a swell gal/guy and help out for a great cause, or at least pass the word!

~Now, Get Lost ❤