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Written and Directed by Josh Sternfeld

  We see two men approach a house, having parked their car at a distance. As they circle around to ensure no ones home, we later find out their names are Eddie (Kellan Lutz) and Shane (Jonathan Tucker). While one breaks in, the other keeps guard claiming to only having ten minutes. We later meet detective Noah (Nick Stahl) and Detective Terrence (Michael Cerveris) as he makes them aware of someone else being assigned to the case alongside Noah, from the state. Though not too happy with the news at first, he quickly changes his mind upon meeting Detective Leslie (Rachel Nichols).

  They head out to speak with the widow and inquire further details as to what happened before he left the house, explaining that he had been home all day and that her daughter was spending the night at a friends. She asks Leslie if she had any kids, the lack of response making it difficult to accept any faith that her case would be different then any other worked on. Searching the woods near the house and finding several cigarette butts along with a shoe make for some new evidence to tag. As they end the night Noah eats leftovers once arriving home while his wife Emily, (Kerry Bishé) shared of hearing of the incident.

  We later find Eddie and Shane back in the forest discussing their plan of going into town and how the other night was “just an accident.” Regardless of their plan, they knew they needed to get home right away but return to the local bar. Saying hello to friends/family they begin drinking and playing pool at the hopes of forgetting how guilty they currently felt. However Eddie starts drunken conversation about how long he had known his partner in crime and later reconvening with Nat, (Grace Gummer) back at her place. The next day Shane’s awoken by his nephew asking to be taken to the lake where his father was, handing his sister some money before leaving. She asks again about when they were supposed to return to which he says “just got the date wrong about when we would return.”(Some compelling stuff, I tell ya) He drops off Keith and speaks briefly with Dennis (Norman Reedus) on how things had went and what he planned on doing next. Having been only a visitor and well overstaying his welcome, Dennis was tired of having to support his family along with a a relative that was capable of taking care of himself.

  Both Detective’s venture through recycle bins as they get a bit of the other’s history and what had brought them to that point in life. After, making their way down to Caswell, Noah speaks with local officer Daniel and day time bartender Billy (James McCaffrey) (both old friends) and explains having to round-up a couple of people. Most people traveled for work around those parts so the blame could lay with anyone. Once Dennis is brought in is where their problems arise. Refusing to remember where he had been the night of the boy’s death, he runs into Shane and speaks of not liking the sudden attention his town had been getting.

  Leslie gets the idea of Noah and his family attending the local fair in Caswell, going solo when his wife had to work. Once arriving it doesn’t take long for Dennis to notice and voice his concerns to Shane, who asks for his alibi once again for the night in question. The reason for him keeping his whereabouts secret being that he was having a “one night stand,” getting in a brief altercation about the conversations affairs. Noah brings it upon himself to make introductions to Shane with the days following bringing a false confession and apology, seemingly as though a ploy. A government meeting for the county occurs as they discuss matters of Caswell and how its small town had been slowly dying for 6 years. (The whole thing feeling as though it didn’t really need to be in film) The township comes together to sign a petition and the blame game begins to loom over Noah’s head. Which doesn’t get any better as at the last meeting, the widow’s attorney had gathered enough money in hopes of posting a reward for any information. When Noah is misinterpreted speaking of Caswell’s future being more important; the widow leaps towards him in anger.

  At Noah’s house later that night a rock is thrown through his window and he takes notice of his garage which now had “Go home white trash” across it. Receiving a call about someone having information on an item picked up at a pawn shop, the two detectives are given a description and begin their search. When they eventually find him, he’s with two others who immediately take off as Noah maintains the one needing. Leslie getting her ass handed to her by the other two, weakly redeeming herself at the end to become the victor. They set out to Caswell to speak with Billy’s niece and reprimand her. Making a big spectacle of how he was making a line and those who were with him needed to cross it. He was there to do a job and was tired of them getting in the way by protecting someone who should have been turned in.

  Shane and Eddie noticing two cars following them as a “short cut” gives them away and they’re cornered by Officer Daniel (Michael Sirow), Billy and Dennis who demanded to know what was going on. Shane deciding to momentarily grow a pair and approaching Dennis about his manhood, how if he had been more of one then they may have not been in that position. An argument breaks out as Dennis “accidentally” slits his neck with a bottle. Unsure of what to do next Billy tells Eddie to keep driving and to never look back but not before getting the money they had kept hidden all this time. When they find the body and insist on the state Police taking over, Noah doesn’t take it so well. As a means of settling things once and for all he ends up back at the bar and wants to know where the “other one” went; at least knowing there had been two killers. Silent stares respond as he begins bashing memories set-up throughout the bar and leaving on terms that make him feel, all special inside. The widow decides to leave the house as well as the town and asks from Noah if there was really just the one killer, told a lie that would help her sleep at night. Then it just kind of ended very matter-of-factly.

Final Thoughts: It’s pretty evident through the entire movie that it gives most late night detective flicks on Lifetime a run for their money. I like Nick Stahl but I can’t decide whether I enjoyed him in this. I never felt any conviction from any of the actors other than James McCaffrey and Norman Reedus. Who was barely in the film however has the only “BA” (badass) moment seen. How do you do it Norman? Another odd thing for myself was trying to imagine Bishé as Noah’s wife when I had just seen her play a 15 year old Red State; because she can actually pass for that age. As well, the movie never felt like it reached a next level of excitement that it perhaps was trying to go for. Several of the actors character’s reach “pivotal” moments in which they were lively enough and certainly had the dramatics for. They just weren’t a necessary thing with the overall tone being so slow and low budgeted. I.e. I only own this because of the Reedus. Though worth watching at least once if interested in any of the actors involved otherwise you’re not missing too much.