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Scream 2 (1997)

Written by Kevin Williamson Directed by Wes Craven

  Well hey, guess what…I had forgotten that I do remember seeing something in the theater! I was 9, even though I know it wasn’t my first; was still young. I thought this second installment was just as great as the original and I can recall watching it with my mother and us always trying to see if we could figure out who the killer was in movies. So anyway, just to reiterate from the last review that these are not exactly “real” reviews. I’m just doing a commentary type of thing here. Let us get on with it then.

  Film Starts; another great opening for the series, Jada (Maureen) and Omar (Phil) attend the premiere of Stab. I wish they would do some horror premieres as such, with the whole shi-bang and whatnot. Wes had stated having each movie with a central theme, the first was the representation of cell phones and how the killer could connect on a more personal level with that. So this one being clearly a theme of theater. It begins and ends in such and it’s something that’s a big part of Sidney now that she’s in college and readjusting to life. Also, after shooting the first scene, people later that night released information concerning the scene. We see Heather playing “Drew”/Casey. Sure, they look at her weird for shouting at the character when they were all running wild a minute ago. What a lovely woman though, “I got my money, I asked for your money.” I totally jumped, (when Phil exits the closet to scare her) I didn’t mean to. Well, that’s what you get for being nosy you sicko. Another scene that makes me think of Scary movie (when Ray goes to the restroom). Why wouldn’t you immediately ask for the mask to come off? I would have. Oh she’s gonna get it…ohh and she got it! Great job of “dying” on that stage right? Quite a powerful moment when she screams and drops down and it opens.

  I like the caller ID bit, she’s been there and done with that. She’s cut her hair and grown some balls…more or less. Cameo by Kevin Williamson in the interview with Cotton Weary. The Freddy Krueger sweater was put there on purpose. Sid’s on her way to find Randy. Film class and all kinds of cameos popping up. Sarah, Josh Jackson and Tim (Mickey) and their discussion of sequels always tickles my fancy. “I believe the line is ‘Stay away from her you bitch,’ this is film class right?” (which I’ve been able to use in real life, thank you randy) Oh course Mickey defends that “motive.” “I’d let the geek, get the girl,” Jamie did about 15 takes for that one shot. Intro Jerry (Derek) as Sid’s boyfriend, first and most obvious suspect. Intro Courteney (Gale) looking a bit different. I actually liked the darker look for her; cameo Laurie Metcalf, as a reporter seeming to have an infatuation with Gale and her outlook on life. Cameo by David’s father. Quick cameo by Portia and Rebecca Gayheart. (My aunt thought it might be Rebecca since it was around the time she saw Urban Legend; later in the year) The reunion of Cotton and Sid with Gale taking yet another punch. “Yes, I got that on film!” (improvised line I like by Gale’s camera man) Dewey get’s his chance to tell Gale how he really feels. “Whose got a cold storage shed where her heart should be, NO offense intended.”

  Cue to the party at night; “Hi. No I really mean that, hi.” (haha, another great one liner there) Back with Sarah at the sorority house; FF: Sarah’s talking to actress Selma Blair on the phone. Love this scene as well and the killer’s dialogue. “Why do always answer a question with a question?” “I’m…inquisitive.” Time to get out chick, things are not adding up to well for you. You know there’s two killer’s now since the killer obviously wasn’t on the phone when sneaking in. No, when someone repeats a line you just heard, you leave. Sarah had a great face through her scene though, you could feel her terror. Running up the stairs once again; Sarah did her own stunt off the balcony. Back to the party where you can spot Matthew Lillard for the briefest second. I only can now because the commentary helped. But he was bleached blonde hair and dark glasses, his height helps in giving him away. I can’t be the only one that found her suspicious; Metcalf was always nearing after something bad occurred. She was in the film just enough to be considered someone not of who they said they were. Sidney just had to pick up the phone, she knew who it would be. The killer always seem to be a sloppy drunk, falling all over the place. Clearly some rookie moves to imply he may not know exactly what he’s doing.

  At the hospital Craven is the doctor seen in the background. Tim somewhat giving himself away at this point, how else would he know about Derek going back into the house? Then when Gale starts making connections that unfortunately don’t relate to anything in any way. But something else to hint at a familiarity about what’s going on once again. Just a lot of setting up going on now, talking with each other about the undertone’s of the case and then Debbie Salt butting in a final time with Gale. The lunch scene where Derek sings the David Cassidy song to Sid, nice little side moment, with Mickey’s little dance as well. Later in the cafe as Dewey and Randy watch them discuss the movie Stab; I thought Luke Wilson as Billy was hilarious. “I’ll wait for video.” The laying out of the rules for sequels with Dewey’s ever-changing facial response to every statement out of his mouth. “Well if I’m a suspect, you’re a suspect..” “Ok, let’s move on.”

  Small cameo by David Warner, such a great voice. Another FF being Danny Elfman did the music for this play. Nice colors of the blood-red clothing by Sidney and the setting around. Derek arriving rather suspiciously. The saddest scene for most Scream fans next up, where we lose Randy. Why did you two leave him alone?! Yea, just leave Sidney by an open doorway, she’ll be safe right? A familiar scene to the first in which Billy was arrested for “threatening” Sid. “Your not having character doubts now are you?” Gale loses her cameraman and then her and Dewy discuss how maybe they could find footage of the killer in the background, “I just wanna find this fucker!” A great score throughout the series, they always effectively help the progress of the films and coincide so well. Dewey and Gale get it on, just like fans knew would eventually occur as another feed begins playing. But from the killers perspective. Where’d he go? There he is! type of thing that Mr. Killer is so great at. Again, the sound stage scene was a greatly shot part. The way the camera follows Gale throughout and the way they used the lack of sound for Dewey’s stab sequence made for a fantastic sequence. Then she looks down, like he wouldn’t use that to his advantage; he’s an opportunist darling, you should know this. As Sidney leaves Derek we see a figure move in the background. The line of “You, prepare to die;” the word you was said by Roger (the voice) to make you think it could be the killer; the rest of the sentence by the actor.

  The scene with the girls climbing over the killer to escape the cop car certainly has me holding my breath whenever I watch this. You know he was up and watching the whole time. Once again, damn that killer is fast. Gale was smart enough to wait before leaving the area and for whatever reason, Cotton is looming around. There’s Debbie again, little late for you to be nearing as well. The ending completely changed from what originally written, everyone died in the end and a knife fight occurred between Sid and Cotton; “thug life” though I was glad to not see that ending. A little messing with the mind of Sidney as Derek is no more. “A prelude to the trial cause these days, it’s all about the trial.” Gale’s the killer, no no, “Billy’s…mother!” Another great close up of the eyes of the killer. “Randy spoke poorly of Billy and I got a little knife happy.” I like how she doesn’t jump in the pit because she sees the mask. Oh no, the tables have turned again and Sid is given the upper hand. But of course loses it as it becomes up to Cotton to decide whether to assist Sid or not. No really, why is he there and how was his timing so perfect? “Jesus Gale you got more lives than a cat.” Then the final misdirection of thinking Debbie’s gonna come back but Mickey does. Shoots her anyways just in case.

  So ends another chapter and we’ve lost a bit of our core with saying goodbye to Randy. Though it does become stronger now that it’s been reduced to the three main people involved. Setting up for the “final” chapter in this trilogy in which the rules get knocked out of the water and we find ourselves going back to the beginning to see why this whole thing started. Otra vez?