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Scream 3 (2000)

Characters by Kevin Williamson Written by Ehren Kruger Directed by Wes Craven

  Back again as I can certainly recall people having lost their faith with this third one. Which I can only attribute to Williamson not writing the script. But just the same, he is known for writing great dialogue for teens or people in their mid-20’s of which are too smart for their own good. This time around everyone had moved on, grown even more-so because of their past events. The theme coming off the second developed into a theme of Hollywood and how once you’ve started climbing to the top, how difficult it was not to fall into the image.

  Film starts; coming right off the second installment in which Sidney helped Cotton in getting the fame he strove so much for and felt he earned. Having his own talk show, appropriately called 100% Cotton. Uh oh! Killer makes himself known as he rushes home. We catch a glimpse of the phone cord being cut. We now see that the killer has developed a new technology in which he can manipulate others voices, Twist. There are two other alternate openings which were okay I thought but this one turned out being best. In one other they have the killer and Cotton talk a bit more and they don’t introduce the character of Christine, she just falls out of a closet. Compared to the other two openings of course this kill seemed “less than.” Sidney has a new life, one in which involves her shutting out everyone; what she has been reduced to no thanks to Mickey from the sequel. Neve was also only had for 20 days which is why you don’t see her too much in the beginning. Intro Gale; the guy who asks the question being one of David Arquette’s brothers. Intro the hunky Patrick Dempsey as Detective Mark Kincaid. Those photos of Sid’s mother being actual modeling photos of Actress Lynn McRee.

  Cameo by Roger Corman, Lance Henriksen and intro Roman, the Director of the Stab movie in suit; Actor Scott Foley. “He was making a movie called Stab, he was stabbed.” Bunch of extras going on here, Jenny, Deon, Matt and Emily making up the cast for the Stab movie filming. Cue Courteney and her “twin,” in the film at least; Parker Posey. Great quirky actress who I enjoy seeing anytime. She maintained the perfect image of Gale from the first movie though I was not liking the hair on Courteney this time around. The set they’re on was Stu’s house from the first film. The boat in the background was the one Sidney fell on when jumping off the roof. He was definitely marked after Dewey, how do you not see that? Cameo by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes as well as Wes in the tour group (though most don’t see Craven). Dad brings Sid’s groceries, discussing events needing to be put behind her. The nightmare scene Sid has is rather effective. It starts in her dreams, yet surfaces in her real life (Krueger much).

  Jenny goes to meet Roman at the studio to “rehearse” lines. There was clever dialogue (since the lines she has are what come to be) but yanno, the whole thing felt so much different. Yea that’s the place to hide; in the room with all the Scream costumes. You would think that would be the last place you would want to be. Back to Gale and Dewy as he lets her know of an incident occurring in which someone tried to obtain Sid’s file but he removed it in time. Nothing is ever off the record when your speaking to a reporter. Off to Jennifer’s house (Parker) as it seems the killer is getting rid of them in the sequence they die in the script, so look to the crew for the killer! I thought it was cute when she jumps up in her bodyguard’s arms. Of course, Patrick Warburton whose the voice of Krunk in Emperor’s New Groove. “That is so easy for you to say, you can always go back to must-see TV; ‘Someone is trying to kill my movie!” “K well, this is the scene where you go with us.”

  Sidney gets an unusual call as the obvious disdain is seen on Neve; alas she must come out of the darkness and either be right in it again or be left alone. Man, Courteney’s bangs continue to bother me. “I wasn’t slinking, I was walking.” I did enjoy where they decided to take the film, story-wise. Sidney’s mother had left Woodsboro prior and no one knew what happened to her. Her whole ordeal and what she went through and how it messed with her so severely. Just didn’t think Foley was the right choice, but we’ll get there. A fun scene being the wrap party and Posey selling her energetic lines. The trick and the whole suspense of who the killer will grant mercy to; being the one that smells the gas. “I wanna know what happens!” “Wait for the fucking movie!” (always chuckle at that line) Make your choice Dewey, (as he waits to see which voice to run towards). Aw those two were two cute in this series. “My lawyer liked that,” “Not as much as I did.” Another picture is found as back at the precinct we feel tension between Dewey and Kincaid. Taking of him being an obvious movie fan with movie posters on his wall. Another reunion and we’re taken to the studio lot where we see Heather (she plays Randy’s sister) which brings me to hey! they brought back Randy? Yesh! He was oh so kind to display the rules once again though for the trilogy. *tear* The new trilogy won’t be the same without him. That’s some outfit the sister wears right? Posey to the rescue for Gale as they enter the building to the cameo of Carrie Fisher. “Or would you like me to tell you who you look like”/ “50 dollars, what are you a reporter for Woodsboro High?”

  There’s a moment of the editor stating the this script seemed a bit homage to the Scooby Doo type of mystery which is painfully obvious with Gale and her clone. A reflective moment for Sid as she once again feels cornered in the restroom. Though only the girl who was supposed to play her in the new Stab movie. (That bathroom was the one used in the beginning of the sequel) As well that Sid still wears the necklace from Derek in the second installment. Bet she wishes she didn’t walk through that door: back at Woodsboro. Walking through her own past she finds herself back in her room with a surprise guest; ghostface! Notice he knows the that door has a drop. Such a disturbing image of the body bag lounging at Sid. So at the end it gives the whole question of did that really happen or were Sidney’s ghosts just messing with her. Questioning Kincaid about what he knew about movies, “That all bets are off.” That’s not suspicious at all “What’s your favorite scary movie?” “My life.”

  Why didn’t Dewey find it odd that Sid cut him off and hung up on him? The house they arrive at is the same one used in Halloween H20; I loved the whole setting of that house. We see the gadget the killer has been using, nifty little toy there. The twins run off in search for Dewey and separate in the bedroom. Sad to see Parker die but it was either her or Gale and you can’t mess with the core to the story. I just never liked how he took his time in shooting out the mirrors. You lost Gale Dewey, are ya happy now? When Dewey then gets stuck with the knife in the forehand was sad but in a funny way, if that makes sense. Back with Sid we see the plentiful file on her Kincaid has. The fact that he never came back makes him look like an obvious suspect, where else could he be? She got to the house quick Clever girl putting both guns on the same side. He just bitch slapped Sid, what was that? Then Kincaid immediately follows, hmmm. But then wait, he’s not the killer. Who knew what they were going to go with, I mean the brother thing was certainly an “ah ha” type of scene. All this time he had been a part of the entire series and was responsible, getting to make his movie in some sense or another. I just don’t think Scott sold it the way I would have liked to see. But he’s not used to that kind of role so maybe he just wasn’t ready to take on as complex of a character. Of course everyone who worked on set is going to say he did well and he was funny in the bits he had early on, I just didn’t feel the end was as strong as it could have been. Stabbing him in the heart didn’t even work so they shoot him one, two, a total of 11 times before he gets one more into his head. Ending with the complete Aw factor in having Dewey propose, seeing Kincaid at the house with them all. Sid feeling like she could leave her door open, finally. Until the next time of course.