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While I do have a massive amount of movies I have yet to add to my documentary/mockumentary section as I would like. The majority of what I have seen being online mostly. What I have decided to do is write-up two documentaries at the same time (hopefully with some sort of connection to one another) and share what I liked, didn’t like, whether I recommend, etc. Feel free to suggest any as well, though remember I am but one person and have a life that consists of very little time for myself. HOWEVER, will gladly make mental notes of what to look at and know that I welcome all suggestions, as odd or far-fetched as they may seem.

~Ok, this first one doesn’t exactly count but it’s still considered under the category and half documentary so shush, don’t bother me with nonsense~

Paper Heart: Charlyne Yi doesn’t believe in the type of love that exist in fairy tales; then why did she make this movie? On a “quest” to discover what exactly it might even mean, Charlyne embarks on an expedition with “Director” Nicholas Jasenovec. (Though he never actually is seen on-screen and is played by Jack Johnson) With interviews with celebrities, “professionals” in the biz (professors and such) and random people they meet while on the street. One night while at a party is introduced to Michael Cera and the two begin spending time together that eventually leads to a relationship. The cameras begin to get in the way of them trying to connect however and things turn sour as Charlyne loses hope and has to decide which is more important. Finishing the movie or making things work with the romance she had least expected, yet is still unsure of. *Essentially, they made a fake documentary about how their romance came to be*

~If I’m only being honest, the best thing about this film was the interviews constructed between the different celebrities. The special features held the best ones though so, whomp whomp. Charlyne is an extremely awkward person. There is no way to dance around that small tidbit making the interviews all the more uncomfortable. The one thing I did like was that periodically certain stories told from couples would interlace with Yi constructing her own “puppet shows.” As well, I did enjoy the unusual arrangement of music her and Cera made in the process.

~Jack Johnson generally looked annoyed with Charlyne throughout the film and features. If that was not the case then he acted very well in that sense. Which may sound a bit mean but if you could just see the faces made, I know you’d agree. He’s subtly become the “hey! It’s him,” guy since seeing this film and is quite funny of the show New Girl. Though I just wasn’t sure why they got him to play the director when even the cast said it was difficult to remember that “Nick” was actually Jake.

~Last but certainly not least being that they broke up while promoting the movie. WTF? Which was somewhat depressing in that, here they are promoting a story on love when if anything, it drove the two to separate. “They” say the fame got to him; who are they again? But they had dated the 3 years prior and came up with the concept for this mock. Personally, I think they were awkwardly perfect for one another and the movie had it’s “cute” moments periodically. But…yea, not too bad of a film for a “slow” night, certainly nothing to rush out and see.

Catfish: Filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost decide to use Nev (Ariel’s brother) and his new friend Abby for a documentary shown through Nev’s eyes. Abby, being an 8-year-old with a talent of painting. A profitable one at that. Their “relationship” starting after Nev received a painting of one of his photos that had been in the New York Sun. After several weeks of contact he becomes familiar with Abby’s mother and family but most importantly her sister Megan. Of which over the course of about 9 months the two share an intimate relationship soon taking a turn for the inquisitive when a shared piece of information leads Nev to discover he hadn’t been receiving the full truth. When the opportunity arises the three head out to visit Megan and see what exactly had been going on. What they find however is far from expected and overall a great watch about the depiction of social media and how easy it’s become to live within your lies created.

~”She sounds really nice and normal which is a relief,” Nev’s response after speaking with the mother Angela. I remember waiting for this movie to come out and being so intrigued as to what it would be. All I had kept hearing was how you shouldn’t let anyone ruin the ending for you and I will try to abide by that as much as able; I do think it was that good though. As it first starts and you see the relationship between Nev and Abby and I somehow thought, well that it was going to be a disturbing movie I suppose. The way its first presented was done a bit, peculiarly. It does do a great job of creating suspense and leading to the whole thing unfolding at the end, which unravels as a harsh realization.

~The depths that Nev goes into with this family and how involved they become makes the “surprise” that much more, coo coo ca choo. I debated for some time on how much I should divulge about this particular documentary and decided I will say that there are 15 personalities of which belong to one woman. Tough it gets considerable worse I would say. It was actually quite sad to see someone so unfulfilled that they would create such an abundant and fabricated lie and after viewing what her life is actually like; shows just how easy it has become to finally create the “perfect” you. ” Facebook gives you a way to present yourself in the way you’d like others to see you.” No longer do you have to worry, if nothing more than an insecure and destitute human, simply only show the facets of yourself using others photos that you know will get their attention and just hope no one is ever the wiser. Sounds fool-proof, no?

~ Unfortunately, the last thing I had seen of this movie (from IMDB) was that 2 lawsuits had been filed in 2011 and that the film would never be able to make any profit because of that. It was something of an 8.5 million suit due to 2 of the songs not being attributed to their artist. As well the film was shot through a period of at least 9 or so months. So there is A LOT that we don’t see and Nev had said himself that the film was edited more so in his favor, “That’s the reality of media, there have to be cuts.” So in the end they actually spent about 4/5 days with “them” and had gotten to know friends and others while inadvertently developing a friendship, despite what he had found upon arriving.