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Abandoned (2010)

Directed by Michael Feifer Story by Peter Sullivan & Jeffrey Schenck Screenplay by Peter Sullivan

  The film starts already into the day’s events; Murphy is seen scampering around the hospital, appearing to be trying to find some means of escape. She reaches the parking garage and races for her car..? (In an obvious full lot she runs to the only opening for a nice convenient chase sequence) We are then taken back 9 hours as we see Mary (Murphy) and Kevin (Dean Cain) on their way to the hospital to receive a quick outpatient surgery. Ensuring that she wouldn’t leave the Hospital during. Parking the car and making her way up to see Kevin, she hears of the renovations being done around the hospital and how lucky they were that the surgery when most of the patients had been moved to County West Hospital. She checks up on him before he’s scheduled in and is asked to step out while stating that the procedure would take about an hour.

Going down to the cafeteria to grab some coffee she runs into Cooper (Tim Thomerson) and shares a bit of conversation as to why they were each presently there. His reason being that his wife, who had breast cancer, had been attending the hospital once a week for the past 6 months. Apologizing for his situation and heading back up to check on Kevin, she finds only the book having brought out prior in having him use to write on. Waiting for what seems like the entire day, she finally ventures to see what the holdup is when discovering no record of Kevin had been in the system. As well, the Doctor in which was to be attending to him had the day off. Loose ends being the only thing that accompanies with a constant shot from the other side of the hospitals cameras, making it appear that she was being watched. A security guard later taking notice of her displayed agony over the situation as she rushes to the recovery center with, shocker, no help there either.

Catching flack from all of the nurses on the floor, she is escorted out and in turn introduced to the Hospital’s Administrator Markham (Mimi Rogers) as she accompanies her to the security cameras. To search for any sight of her supposed boyfriend. Though Mary certainly starts to feel pressure as a paranoid disposition takes over and her attempt to convince them of a quick glance at the back of a head being him, of which she was certain. A Detective (Jay Pickett) gets a call of a missing person reported at his location and is asked to check out the matter. Once again, we hear the ordeal of the day as she pleads with the Detective to be of some assistance. Switching the conversation into whether the possibility of him up and leaving being a chance, denying immediately, and stating that it wasn’t like him to do so. The Detective does as asked and scower’s the hospital for anyone who had seen this man.

She takes the time to call her friend and reveal that either everyone had gone crazy or she was the one that had, unsure what had been going on. But determined to get to the bottom of it. Having felt she waited her whole life for Kevin and wasn’t ready to give him up that easily. Returning to the help desk after having been to each of the 7 floors with Kevin nowhere in sight, Mary insist on filing a report, asked to wait a full 24 hours before doing so. Searching through her bag for some shred of evidence to his existence, her anti-depressant’s fall out and are taken in order to discuss what should be done next about this estranged visitor. They then gather for a “quaint” intervention in where they subtly bring in the head psychiatrist (Peter Bogdanovich) who mentions that her high dosage may have something to do with the recent “episode.” Mary takes some time to discuss her history with the Doc; simply a 3 day event where she had checked herself in and did so only due to stress. The Doctor counters with the fact that she was an only child and having lost her parents, possibly being a factor. Her mother had passed away after being taken in for a routine check-up but ended up having an infection that took her life.

Unable to stay still, Mary finds a bit of comfort in the chapel. Cue the Detective arriving so as to reveal their past to one another and to feel a connection; if only to each other. -_- Determined that something else was going on underneath the surface, Mary soon feels a bit of reassurance when finding the coffee lid she knew was Kevin’s. (It was bitten into, which he was known for doing) Some more running, okay a lot running; this movie was guilty of having way too much “white space” (HA, didn’t think I’d ever use that to describe a movie) and what was used instead was useless moments of her running all over the hospital again and again. It was a bit irritating, which was a complete shame because the movie didn’t have an all too bad premise. Definitely needed some work and if you’re able to get past the obvious amateur film making and fact that Murphy’s attire was completely wrong. Her makeup was caked on rather thick, for someone I didn’t think needed that much to begin with.

In the midst of her running, she runs right into a car, the clever girl. Admitted into the hospital, she later receives a visit from the same stranger having met at the cafeteria. Nice gesture? Are there ever? Course not; turns out the old man had been all a part of this bigger plan that involved the nurse first seen in pre-op and the head security of the hospital whose name was Mr. Holloway. He patrolled the hall.o.ways…how do you think they came up with that; genius! With the surprise guest of the mastermind turning out to be missing boyfriend Kevin. While the audience is given no indication of what Mary does for a living, it turns out that she is the manager of a bank and that her particular branch had just received a bailout. Of which these “crooks” wanted 10 million to be transferred for them to the Cayman Islands.  Kevin then hands over Mary to Mr. Holloway who was supposed to do away with her but just as any other moronic henchmen, fumbles the plan and she is able to get away. Meanwhile the Detective begins looking through it when you see (not literally, but kind of) the light bulb go off and he rushes back to the Hospital having figured the whole thing out. How, you may ask? The book, of which is named Abandoned, was given to Murphy’s character by her boyfriend and are you ready?…The entire “plan” was taken from the book. “It’s all here,” says Mr. Detective. Was she completely oblivious to that which was right in front of her? Like that’s never happened before Though the Detective somehow skims to the exact page of which makes everything click. But that’s why he’s the Detective; yeah well I’m sure they’re not all that good.

I suppose now, I can continue my rant. I really do feel as though this could have been completed much better. Perhaps it will be soon enough, who knows? But the fact is that it’s a poor cat and mouse paranoid thriller that bored the first hour and executed the last 30 minutes in a repeated poor manner. I’m sure the only reason I even found enjoyment out of Mimi Rogers and Dean Cain was because its Mimi Rogers and the only Superman I have found myself joyfully watching. I just didn’t grow up when the Christopher Reeves version aired. Anyway, Murphy as well had some sort of twitch, I guess I’ll call it, where she would blow kisses/kiss Kevin but would do so in a manner that oddly became annoying the more I saw it throughout. Now, that’s not just because I hate human interaction of any kind, just kidding. It was just a very misplaced motion, didn’t even feel real; in Spun she would give “cute” kisses but it didn’t work in this. Sadly, a lot of just didn’t work.