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Fanboys (2009)

Directed by Kyle Newman Story by Dan Pulick & Ernest Cline Screenplay by Ernest Cline & Adam F. Goldberg

  Here I go switching it up again. I think this is what I’ll do for my Comedy movies; and I already had notes on this so, here we are. Have I mentioned that it truly does bother me when I feel as though someone has missed the point of a movie (knowing full well that there are plenty that have none). THOUGH, clearly reading this film’s title and seeing the cover, one can assume what it may concern. They, as well, described the film as being a big love letter to George Lucas for what he had created, Newman being a huge fan himself. Quick synopsis of the film being that after High School a group of friends grew apart from Eric (Sam Huntington) when he parted ways to go work in the family business of selling cars. After discovering Linus (Chris Marquette) has Cancer, his concern lays more with the fact of unaware if able to make the showing of Episode I-The Phantom Menace. Due out in  “6 months, 12 days and 8 hours…and some change.” So they devise a plan for one last “hooray” with the group and storm Skywalker Ranch so that on premier night, he would at least be there in spirit. They set out and embark on a series off quirky mishaps which eventually involve Zoe, (Kristen Bell) and make it to the Ranch where they are then questioned and a solo screening is allotted; bet if think reel hard you can figure it out.

  The Good: With any good spoof comes some classic cameos, both from the past and present (If they’re real good). Carrie Fisher plays a Doctor with a heart of gold and offers a reference to her past “life.” Billy Dee Williams, Danny McBride and Ray Park (that sexy beast) show as well and hey, while on the topic of the Wars, you might as well bring along Kevin Smith! That’s not even all of them but a movie worth watching at least once I’d say. I happen to be a fan of each of the main actors (surprised?) so I already knew going in that I’d enjoy the humor. Huntington first caught my eye in Jungle to Jungle and Not Another Teen Movie but haven’t seen him in a whole lot since. Marquette was hilarious in Just Friends and definitely someone I would like to see in more roles, more or less our main character here. He played the “serious” side better than I expected yet could go back and work off the other actors just as nice. Windows (Jay Baruchel) played the nerdiest of the bunch, helping by providing the maps from online girlfriend RougeLeader, who turns out to be 10…gross. Yet also finds himself oblivious to Zoe’s hidden crush for him. Baruchel was meant to mock young George Lucas (and hey, he kinda does) in his younger years and had great facial expressions while Kristen was a nice fit for being the “tough”girl to keep them in check. But I was not a big fan of the black wig. In fact, I thought it looked pretty terrible on her. (Perhaps just me) Let’s see, that leaves Dan Fogler who plays Hutch. He was, I suppose, the Belushi or Farley of the bunch; overall the group consisting of a nice spread of different facets of humor with an independent feel to the movie that worked well in its favor.

  The Bad: It doesn’t intend to be sad, though it is marked Drama, but man I teared up a bit on the last shot of Linus. The first time I saw it at least. They keep the comedy consistent and they don’t touch on the matter too often. The fact that they come together after so long to do this one last thing as a group was a bit cheesy but it’s about that reconnecting whiz that I assume they were going for. As a means to insinuate that nerd friends are the best of friends..? Seth Rogen also makes a cameo, or three rather. Of which none were particularly funny unfortunately, though if having to choose, the Trekkie fan was the best. I did hear that the fact it was set in 1998 didn’t work for some people; and who would think that a film made today would dare to be set somewhere in the past. Tis truly shocking behavior, no? -___-

  The Verdict: Because of this film I now say “Chewie” which was their version of “Shotgun.” I also in no way consider myself as big of a Star Wars or Trek fan and I still enjoyed this movie. The cast worked well together and I enjoyed the constant cameos throughout, even failed to mention Danny Trejo was in the film. Though a very short cameo of which was one of the funniest scenes. Meant as a letter of devotion, it surly shouldn’t be seen as anything more. If you’re not fond of Star Wars or know your not going to get any of the references, then it’s probably not for you. Hutch’s garage was completely enveloped in nerd gear of which was provided by several fans. And I do always love when fans get involved in the movies. But the sure way to know if you’ll like it, is to just watch it! Or perhaps some clips could persuade you?