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Cursed (2005)

Directed by Wes Craven Written by Kevin Williamson

    You know what happens when you get too much of a good thing? You get Cursed. *ba-dum-bum* But seriously, what was to be a hip and clever Comedy/Horror turned into an alright movie with enough celebrity appearances to forgive for the lack of material. The look of the werewolf was thoroughly upsetting and in an entirety, not something I’d expect from Greg Nicotero. The film had quite some trouble being released and at one point, half the cast was switched and half of the film had to be re-shot. It’s almost as though it was starting to be Scream but with werewolves, Skeet Ulrich as a lead with Omar Epps and Scott Foley at one point attached to the film.

  Brother, Jimmy and Sister Ellie live in the bustling city of Hollywood at a crossroad in their life. Both having a bit of trouble in their social lives, or lack thereof in Jimmy’s case. Ellie’s issue lying more with her terrible taste in men, for instance, her current one just so happening to be a werewolf. No worries, it’s not really a spoiler since it’s painfully obvious, but it’s supposed to be. Williamson and Craven came together, once again, to “redefine” the genre. Only they didn’t do that so much. In fact, it wasn’t anything more than a “fun” and less “hip” film with a slew of potential A players (in the “teen” genre at least) with a clever script but poor outcome. Shannon Elizabeth barely missed the cut when her character is involved in an accident with the siblings, ending with her dragged and eventually ripped in half. Obtained from that night, besides terrible nightmares, where unexpected scratches when dragged along with Becky’s body and thus begins a new side to the two.

  Jimmy puts a little mousse in his hair and all of a sudden grows a pair. He stands up to his homophobic bully who harbors unresolved feelings for him. Having used his over zealous machismo as a cover for his deep, self-assertive behavior. Ellie puts some vavoom in her step and gets noticed at work while seeing boyfriend Jake (Josh Jackson) less frequently who seems to be a popular fella around tinsel town. Soon after the start of the fall moon, two of his ex’s meet an untimely demise. More cheesy than scary, cheap thrills vs good scares and an ending that was just as bad. The werewolf was half digital and half costume, played by Derek Mears (Friday the 13th, Predator). I think I was just disappointed because I typically am greatly fond of Nicotero and his work. The figures used for the Wax Museum were all made by his team and those were impressive because of the work they put into them but the smallest of shots. There was a separate dream sequence with Jake and Ellie in which her mouth opens up and she takes a chunk out of his neck and this stream of blood slightly reminiscent to the original Nightmare pours out of him. Or maybe that was just me. It just didn’t feel needed; getting the sense that Craven gets more of a kick out of references to the genre and homages to himself sometimes than the material itself.

  It’s certainly a typical Williamson script in that it’s self-referential and aware of itself but there seemed to be too much on top of each other to make the film come together in the end. A lot of the same elements used in the Scream trilogy are seen in here. One of the final moments take place in a house of mirrors which did not work at all for me. Judy Greer played Joanie, yet another ex of Jake’s and coworker with Ellie. The final showdown at Tinsel (the wax museum Jake worked at) sucked because Ellie couldn’t even be in character though was marked cursed. She had to wait for the cops to arrive and lure Joanie into the open by the description of “She’s got a bony ass… and fat thighs… and ugly skin.” Being on the receiving end of a finger flick; they might as well have stated that the werewolf was menstruating and let her bitch slap Ellie when having the chance. The final, final showdown occurs back at the sibling’s house when they discover they’re still cursed between Josh Jackson and the two. It felt rushed and wasn’t anything worth remembering. Though it was cool when Jimmy climbed in the house through the ceiling. I don’t know, I wanted to like the movie because of those involved. Josh Jackson; everything after Dawson’s Creek to before 2008 just seemed like work, nothing really standing out until One Week. My only complaint with Ricci was that she might have looked better if she had bangs the entirety of the movie (sorry, I had to say it). Or how inferior the last shot turned out with the abrupt ending. Ricci’s last line was almost out of a retro episode as though everything was okay yet not, at the same time. I preferred Eisenberg in The Squid and the Whale in 2005 and select few after such. At the end of the film, the geek finally does get the girl as he walks off with Brooke (Kristina Anapau) on one side and Bo (Milo Ventimiglia) who was just dating Brooke earlier; so I guess in the end he got two girls.