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Now You Know (2006) 

Written and Directed by Jeff Anderson

  We start on the eve of Jeremy’s (Jeremy Sisto) bachelor party. Familiar face Kevin Smith along with some other friends have started having a good time without him. Soon attaching an actual bowling ball with a chain around his leg for their upcoming festivities. Strippers shortly arrive after, or the sad excuse for strippers that we’re given. The hottest one easily being Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, I liked her red hair. But she doesn’t actually strip; she’s the hooker that everyone’s hooking up with in the back. Some wisdom is thrown in from Kevin’s character whose simply entitled Married Guy. A distressed Jeremy soon revealing that his marriage ceremony was canceled for unknown reasons. His friend Shane (Todd Babcock) convincing him to hold off on account that he rarely got to go out and have a good time and he was not going to let him ruin it for a silly thing like “getting dumped.”

  We then see Gil (Jeff Anderson) and Biscuit (Trevor Fehrman) speaking in a parked car about the extensiveness that is Michael Jackson and Prince and who would be better, performance wise. Cutting the conversation short and asking if Biscuit was ready, the two head out through the back of a house’s yard to eventually break into it. Doing nothing more than switching some of the furniture around to just as easily depart and laugh about the occasion, it seems a repeated occurrence by the two; simply for kicks. In the airport we see ex fiance Kerri (Rashida Jones) passing by and commenting on Jeremy’s ball and chain as he raced after her onto the plane. Kerri waits after the flight for Marty (Heather Paige Kent) instead of getting a ride from Jeremy who is greeted with a knee to the groin and told that she wasn’t exactly sure of what he did wrong but that it was killing her friend inside. Meanwhile back with Gil and Biscuit, currently buzzed and in the middle of their job of cutting lawns. Biscuit attends to a yard, paying little to no attention on what he’s actually doing. More-so, fixated on the owner of the house who seems to be seeking a bit or male attention and can’t seem to stop oiling herself up. The only problem occurring when Biscuit loses control of the lawnmower and it proceeds to her Chihuahua of which we only hear of later, the dog’s tongue hitting the owner in the face and that it was time that things like that really stopped happening.

  Catching up with him later at the bar, Biscuit begins sharing his ideas on the homosexual lifestyle being ideal for males. Reasons being that we are just two different animals to ever actually cohabit with one another. The dogs and cats if you will. Weddings being the only reason girls and guy’s even end up together. Hey, amongst some other reasons, that is a big part of it sadly Interrupted by Jeremy right after who dances around the fact that these people still think he is getting married in less than a day. Though is coaxed to tell them gently when discovering how happy they were for him. After hearing the news it switches their moods and explain how that was the best thing that could have happened for him. Comparing it to getting a stay of execution. That they only pretended to be happy for him because it was what he wanted.

  With Marty, Kerri finishes discussing her reason for calling off the wedding of which is not completely unreasonable. “I don’t see anything wrong with not wanting to marry a guy who’s not in love with me anymore.” What’s so wrong with that? We also hear of Marty’s apparent pregnancy after Kerri basically “yells” at her. Back at the bar the guys have plenty of drinks and decided that Jeremy was to go and hit on a girl sitting at the bar. Yes, prove that your marriage failing was the right thing to happen. Being pushed over there yet declining to be bought a drink, the two carry on a conversation where they begin discussing his recent engagement and the conversation takes a turn for the worse. This woman rips a hole into him about what a fraud he was and that he didn’t actually love this woman at all. Moving out after the engagement was pulled off was no better than Kerri calling it off was. He didn’t even ask why or inquire as to what was going on in his fiance’s mind. Before leaving completely bruised though is asked for that drink he first offered to her. An Alabama slammer and shot of tequila for the lady who turns out to be a former alcoholic, trying to test out her will. Well then, what a terrible friend she had leaving her; where the heck did she go for so long?

  Afterwards we find the guys parked once again in front of the house seen earlier, splitting a bottle between the two. Talking about Jeremy as though he wasn’t even there. Biscuit sharing his obscured theories about why Kerri may have called the wedding off. Meanwhile Marty and Kerri were getting their share of laughs when taken to a lesbian club where she gets some advice, dancing and drinks. She’s told what she needed to hear and put to bed for the night, the next morning bringing confusion of several sorts. Nobody called some of Jeremy’s relatives who have showed up for the wedding. Kerri walks with Marty, sharing how she should be getting her nails done and planning the final touches for the event, not knowing not to cope. Jeremy and Shane later arriving at Biscuit’s for his bachelor party, of which couldn’t be canceled, and their escort shows with a few more body-parts than preferred on a female. So back to the bar they go as they play pool and learn of Kerri’s recent attendance at the gay club and the possibility of her having switched teams. The next morning Jeremy stopped by her place (with everyone else) so as to try to finally see why things had ended while Marty waited outside. The typical argument of feeling as though she was ignored and no longer pursued, ensuring her she was still wanted. It seemed that after being together for so long that he wanted to be sure getting married was something he actually wanted and thus distanced himself not realizing. Only wanting to get married once; well who can’t wait to get married 3 times? After a lot of talking, Kerri comes to the choice of not changing her mind, that he should have changed if he didn’t like this outcome. Marty gets outed on her pregnancy and we find out that it’s Gil’s. The honeymoon tickets not being put to use are given to Marty and Gil to take the time to reconnect since; well you’re gonna have to now! 

  The film itself is nothing you wouldn’t expect from one of Kevin Smith’s people. It’s an aware of itself and intelligent script about life and the spectrum of which we seem to find ourselves spiraling, no matter the direction, with love. Jeff Anderson’s character was the exact same seen in Clerks, he just didn’t have the backwards cap; I kinda like the cap. Trevor Fehrman was certainly no Dante but funny nonetheless. I liked him in Clerks 2 best though; he fits more as the awkward nerd than the free loading purvey alcoholic. I enjoyed seeing Sisto as the lead as I’ve seen him movies randomly throughout ever since Clueless but never in this manner. There was really no connection between him and Rashida Jones however. In the end, while they don’t necessarily end up together we see them hold hands as they leave the airport. The rest of the characters were okay, often exaggerated people who were comedic relief or some form of lesson to be taught by the ones holding the most “knowledge”, Gil and Biscuit. Now we know, yes but what exactly were you trying to say Mr. Anderson? Life, love and people suck? Yea, we know…you make fun of them better in Mr. Smith’s movies, well you used to.