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I know, I’ve been a bit absent from here but it’s because I’m trying to prepare for my October posts, since I’ve been waiting for it finally come around. However, an article crossed my path and it got me thinking so I figured who better to think with, then me fellow nerds. 😀 The topic of discussion being “Who do you think is the horror icon for the new millennium?” A rather short article that asked 4 others to contribute their own thoughts/opinions that had me arguing the question in my head so much after that I felt, why not just discuss it out loud and see what others have to throw in on the matter as well.

Two of the six you see above were in the article; keeping in mind there were only four answers (one of which was society) can you guess which they are? Well, they were Jigsaw and Leslie Vernon. Surprised? Because I was a bit. For those who have not see Behind the Mask, that name may not ring any bells but he’s certainly seems to be an underground close kept secret within the Horror genre. However, I don’t view that movie as a Horror, by most means. I can completely understand wanting to put the word out there and being a loyal fan, but otherwise felt the need to harshly disagree with that choice. This, coming from someone who wants to see their next movie made just as much as any other fan. I would never try to take anything away from Nathan’s performance, hell, I talked his ear off for almost 30 minutes telling him how great I thought he was in that role, because he was. But the new face of Horror he is not.

  First of all, he’s way too funny to be a face of Horror. Second, I would at least argue that there would have to be more than one movie to convince me of someone reigning over terror the way Freddy, Jason or Michael ever did. If anything, I see him more as a mascot within the genre. We can appreciate him because of the humor brought into the role yet cheer him on while cleverly maneuvering “behind” the scenes of what we had grown to love and appreciate as far as the idea of Horror movies were concerned. What’s more, is that it’s a different appreciation we feel towards Leslie then say, any of the 80’s icons. The fact the Leslie interacts with the fans and even lets us know what’s going to happen cannot simply measure up to any cutthroat killer found in Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street or even Child’s Play. If those characters had been as charming on-screen and let us into their world, would they be just as scary? No, probably not. But that’s why we watch “those” kind of films; we see them to get scared.

Thinking about that question even further…”for the new millennium,” so does that mean we’re starting at 2010 here or what? If that’s the case then all the ones they did chose have missed their mark and we should instead be focused on “future” horror. Have the past two years even given us someone in the Horror genre that we feel can achieve the status of such contenders of the past? The truth is that we seem to be in a transitional period of such a topic. The 80’s were about the Slashers, 90’s brought on how smart and clever the killer could be. Which in turn seemed to then focus on really, any subject within the realm of psychological disorders/ this so-called “torture porn”/ ghost stories and exorcism’s galore. Sure, we’ve been handed several different and intriguing potential icons but it seemed the question wasn’t very aware of itself and what it seemed to be presenting to its audience. What do fans expect from their icon? How should they talk, walk, act; what’s the history and is it something that can supersede what we’ve already seen ? All important questions I feel; I couldn’t take an icon of horror seriously if he made me laugh and look at him any other way then that of a killer. Which is what they are, bottom line.

Even for the one who had argued Jigsaw; is he allowed to be a contender now that his series has completed. A lot of people give that series crap, why? If simply due to the notion that there have been seven and otherwise used to the notion that anything after the first or second film are just bad, then where’s your sense of solidarity for the genre? Most of the people who I have talked to about that series say that stopped bothering after a point. It’s no wonder then that you have not been able to form an actual opinion when not even aware of where they choose to take the films. I enjoyed the series, I too am against films that just carry on and hold onto nothing worth while. It wasn’t as though I was there every Halloween to see the next one but after some time passing, became curious as to whether it ever saw full circle, and they surprised me. They carry the story over in a way that both made sense while connecting it the first for that ultimate “ah ha” moment. Sure some of the films are not as good as others in the series, ok, well that just might happen sometimes. People are hard enough to please before throwing in their bias and for some their bad taste. (While realizing that this entire post is in itself bias, but I at least try to remove that when discussing such topics)

Personal favorites from above would have to be the characters in The Collector and The Human Centipede, though am severely let down about the events surrounding the third Human Centipede and the fact that we may never even see a third installment. Though, concerning that series in general you would have to note that they are in fact two separate films and arguably, may have to side with Martin.  He was merely copying what was portrayed in a film and in turn, became more sadistic with the notions he felt partly entitled to. Although the Doc made for a great villain in the first sequence./ The sequel to The Collector will be coming out soon, has anyone seen the trailer?

    Looks a bit hokey at the beginning doesn’t it? I do think, mainly hope, that it will turn out to be a good sequel. If I may once again change the nature of the question to perhaps who can we expect to see creating and taking over as the next masters of horror? Which almost is a rather clear answer of the people behind the Saw series in general. The realm of the paranormal has certainly seemed to gain interest at this time and “from the producers of Saw” seems to be everywhere on trailers. I’m sure you’ll could throw in your own suggestions but yea…I think I went off on a bit of tangent there. Oops.

~The reason for not stating much of anything about Victor Crowley being that I’ve only seen the second one and at that, I barely paid attention. The death scenes were pretty humorous but was distracted by all the bad acting. Except for Tony Todd, that man’s voice always sends chills.