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Bride of Chucky (1998)

Directed by Ronny Yu Written by Don Mancini

   It wasn’t until Producer David Kirschner entered a video store and saw a copy of The Bride of Frankenstein that he thought of the idea for doing the same for Chucky. It being the tenth anniversary and all, wasn’t it time Chucky got lucky? The approach for bringing back the doll we all knew and loved being one that many might question as it was done so in a romantic comedy fashion with dark humor and horror thrown in together. Also noting that in this reprisal Andy was nowhere to be found; three films being enough for that story-line. Giving Chucky and his bride plenty of room to shine as we peered into Charles Lee Ray’s past a bit more to learn of the woman who went through so much trouble to bring her lover back from the dead.

   Who better to play the homicidal wife of Chucky than Jennifer Tilly? Known rather for her temptress type roles or the complete opposite in kids work, Tilly plays the devoted and sexy vixen quite naturally despite her claim of feeling awkward during filming. We open up on a rainy night at the evidence depository where we see such items as a hockey mask, a chain saw and a white mask that looks the kind to stalk babysitters on a certain holiday. I’ve always liked that little bit. An officer heads to the “Unsolved” department as he grabs a plastic bag full of doll parts from a locker. Meeting a mystery woman in an abandoned parking lot builds up the curiosity too much and he cannot help but take a peak. When just about to take notice, his head is pulled back and his throat slit while we see a curvaceous woman lick the blood off her finger and continue on to retrieve what she came for. A great opening sequence with Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl playing as she takes him home to sew and patch him back up. The end result being a more frightening and tarnished Good Guy doll.

  Elsewhere we find David (Gordon Michael Woolvett) walking up to a house in which Chief Warren (John Ritter) opens the door and calls down niece Jade (Katherine Heigl) while questioning David seems to be going not quite as would think. Coming to no surprise when actual date Jesse (Nick Stabile) is waiting in the backseat to greet them upon getting in. Shortly after of which a police car flashes its lights and we find it to be her uncle’s minion messing with the on account of not liking her boyfriend all too much. Meanwhile Tiffany sets up an area where she intends to perform a ritual thanks to the help of her VooDoo for Dummies book. After nothing happens her patience runs thin and it seems visitor Damien (Alexis Arquette) has stopped by to share some exciting news. Handing over a Polaroid of a man killed, supposedly by his hands, it doesn’t take Tiffany long to recognize the man to be Damien himself. Nothing more than a pathetic worm in her eyes, she soon takes notice to the mess of footprints having walked off from her pentagram made. Appearing with the crack of thunder right beside her, the doll is picked up and played with by Damien as she explains having bought it off the cops. (In reality the body was in no way salvageable from the third) “Chucky? He’s so eighties.” Offering to play, she ties Damien to the bed and performs a burlesque type dance while stating who Charles Lee Ray was and how jealous he would get if any man dared looked at her. A comments made about “Smucky” being too small to satisfy her needs makes his head turn to state his thoughts on the matter and rips out his lip ring.

  After suffocating him and leaving the body tied to the bed, Tiffany begins showing him around and stating how she had kept “the ring.” Assuming it had been an engagement ring she searched ten years for him to receive the response of “What, are you fucking nuts?” and his side-splitting in laughter at the mere thought. Turning the tables and stating not being into short guys, she locks him up in a crib and says it was payback for having been a prisoner of his love for too long. Cue in Jesse, her neighbor at the trailer park that would help out with stuff when “needing a man.” Throwing out a trunk of stuff she was tired of looking at (Damien) she’s called away, but not before offering advice of him treating his lady right after he had declined drinks with her, informing of his former commitment. Later we find Chucky in the middle of playtime and using his toys to better suit his current mood as Tiff returned home with a surprise in store. Seems she had changed her mind about marriage and had bought him a bride doll while taunting him from outside his pen. Taking a bath and hearing of the news that the bodies had been found she turns her attention to The Bride of Frankenstein; how appropriateUsing the ring to bust out of his prison, Chucky makes his way for the bathroom and pushes the television set to electrocute her and use his powers to once again make a doll rise with the soul of a human trapped inside.

  She searches the book for answers and he tells of The Heart of Damballa and needing it in order to transfer their souls into bodies. Having little options and needing to reach Ray’s grave site, Tiff gets a hold of Jesse and asks if willing to do a favor for 500 dollars which he eventually makes 1000 to complete the deal. She then transforms her doll body to that which we all love and know her for, where that hair came from, who knows? Jesse arrives soon after and heads for Jade’s house with an alternate plan in motion. The only way for him and Jade to truly be together was to run away and get married with the money just earned; isn’t ignorance bliss? “I give em six months, three if she gains weight.” Though lovers beware as Warren looms close and attempts opening the van to plant a bag of “green” inside. The two dolls scheming together to devise a plan as it seems Tiffany’s the kind to improvise. A string of nails are lunged at Warren’s face as it reminds Chucky of something (can you guess) and they rush to get the body stashed away before the couple can return. Stopped once again by her uncle’s minion who searches the car and tries to get him for the bud, going to the car to make a report. Chucky is forced to step in and take matters into his own hands as he ignites the fuel tank and it explodes moments later. Jade and Jessie take off as David calls and wonders what was going on and how they were all over the news, trying to pin the murders on the lovebirds who suddenly suspect the other of foul play.

  A rash decision to elope makes for perfect timing as Warren springs back to life and the dolls kill him once again. A late night visit from their neighbors leaves them one less wallet and Tiff’s unapproving judgement makes “taking care” of the criminals a must. Falling for her and her sadistic manners, the two embrace for a most awkward love scene. The next day the two run off as the maid finds the bodies next door and David catches up to the pair, stating an obvious misunderstanding; both previously having called to discuss the events thus far. David can’t seem to help smelling the over-abundant aroma in the van as he looks around and finds Warren’s body, reaching for his gun to pull on his “so-called” friends. Demanding they pull over, the dolls awake to pull guns on the three of them as David moves to close to the street and is cleared clean off the road by a trucker passing by. They all reenter the van and begin traveling to Hackensack, New Jersey where they hear on the radio, Ray’s body would be examined after finding fingerprints of the notorious killer gunned down in 1988 at their current crime scenes. Hijacking a trailer, each couple seems to be maintaining while the only thing to do now was drive. Fellas up front and the women in the back with Tiff cooking dinner and fixing up Jade to look more like herself. A fight soon breaks out between Chucky and Tiffany about doing the dishes and the RV is turned on its side with Tiff pushed into the oven and Chucky thrown out the window. A fire occurring as Jesse grabs Tiff and her mate takes hold of Jade, making her carry him onto the cemetery. Making her crawl down to his coffin to retrieve his necklace and is exchanged for Tiff as the two women walk towards their men. Everything coming to an end when she takes a cue from Frankenstein and tells Chucky they belong dead before stabbing him in the back. But merely a stab, as he gets back on his feet and is thrown into his grave with no way out. Getting a gun pulled on him stating “I always come back, but dying is such a bitch.” But we are given a final surprise in Tiffany giving birth to their own little spawn.

  Did anyone even see Seed of Chucky? I tried to a couple of times but in all couldn’t stand how they made the son. John Waters as well was entertaining but the idiotic, British sissy boy was way too much to try to pass along. Before the remake, the Curse of Chucky is to be released and is said to have brought back the scare much like in the original three. Yay! being the appropriate response. I did enjoy the humor he brought into his killings and hope that they decide to keep a light humor at least. Wouldn’t be the same Chucky to me. Mancini did a great job with this film and with him directing next time around, I’ll very interested to see where he takes the character. This film did use Ed Gale once again and had one for Tiff for their fight sequence in the cemetery. Which was quite funny. I’ve liked Heigl in a number of her roles and did enjoy her in this film. Other than that, not quite sure we were ready for a son of Chucky. They could have made a film with the two of them causing a little destruction but instead went way outside the box. So I just usually stop the series here, as should you and will await for the next installment.