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Cabin Fever 2 (2009)

Directed by Ti West Screenplay by Joshua Malkin Story by Ti West & Randy Pearlstein

 We see our lead has awoken with a little less of a face then the first time around. Crawling out of the river, he hobbles towards the street as we see a bus riding way in the back. Does it slow down? Actually, it seemed like it sped up or something, oh I see; the kids were making too much noise. Well that’s kind of what they do, perhaps not paying attention to what’s in front of the bus won’t help that matter any. Deputy Winston (Giuseppe Andrews) is back once again. Though not discussed the first time around, he’s basically the cop that never seems to be doing his job so that all the crazy stuff going on around town can continue. The credits were a nice way to provide story and be informative in that it’s an animated intro as we see the town soon to be SOL. The disease infected water has spread to the factory which has just made a delivery to the high school; would we really miss them? I think not.

  John (Noah Segan) and Alex seem to be discussing Prom and how much of a dumb tradition it is, “No it’s not,” yes it is. Interrupted by the bell and some sorry excuse for a bully, Marc (Marc Senter) who shows John a thing or two to talk to his girlfriend by pushing him into a classroom. Remind me never to mess with Marc. Some b/s filler time in Biology class with a “scary” teacher and typical stereotypes to be found all around. Sent to the Principal’s office, Alex (Rusty Kelley) gets a quickie in the restroom with Liz (Regan Deal) who did so simply as revenge for being dumped earlier that day. Well, that’ll show em’! After John talks with his film nut friends (who were good for a laugh) he goes off with Cassie (Alexi Wasser) in a scene where the score seemed a bit too loud, could have been non-existent actually because it’s dialogue you can now, barely hear. His last chance of getting a date to prom falling short as she declines on account of having to take care of her sick brother, “The Bride of Cannibals it is.” Winston figures out that its something in the water quite quickly for a cop that prefers having a good time. See where a little effort can get you?

  Who the hell is choosing the music for these scenes? Some weird ass music is being played while everyone gets ready for Prom. Alex calls John repeatedly as he tries to get him to go to the dance with him and somehow figure out how to glue his finger back since it had recently decided to part ways with him. And all to an upbeat tempo. Winston goes after his hunch as we get a cameo of Judah Friedlander as Toby, a worker of the water plant. What Toby didn’t see coming was the Contamination Control Division trucks rolling in as they kill him with no hesitation and Winston sneaks out the back. Prom has finally began but already with so much drama. The pool has claimed two victims in a rather random scene with a disgusting ending in that when the two left, the janitor had strolled around to piss in the punch. Which was already filled with contaminated water but his piss turned red and then black and then just eck! what the frack? John gets kicked out shortly after being surprised by Cassie who had decided to come with “boyfriend” Marc who didn’t like her disobeying his orders and began fighting with John. She chases after him to apologize and we see what I’ll assume is the only actual reel piece of dialogue and what you would expect to see done in other films of the romantic comedy fashion.

  “He’s the worst human being in this fucking school and you are the best. How does that work? No, I wanna know about that process, what goes through your head?/ How obvious does it have to be? You would have to be practical retarded not to see that I’m in love with you. Everybody sees it. And do you have any idea how embarrassing that is? I’m done with this.”

  After this bit of ramble though, the two are forced to rush back inside as the CCD has decided it was time to take care of the problem and begins locking all the doors around the school. Time to announce the King and Queen. Nope, everyone starts throwing up blood on one another. CCD comes in and takes out mostly everyone with the disease while John and Cassie try to find a way out. But before that! They run into Alex in the library whose…private area, started to get the best of him. Marc is too late to join but after not allowed any entrance, turns on the students and beats in a face that dared get too close to his. The next place they run off to is to “Idle Hands” his arm. *For those who haven’t seen that movie, they cut off his hand and put mass amounts of duct tape to keep it from further being disgusting* Which wasn’t even enough to save him as the CCD eventually catches up and holds him down, using his last breaths to say “Run!” and “Oww.” Cassie is able to get away and make it to the road when seeing the headlights that belong to the friend of Winston’s who had decided to go along with his claims and leave the town as quickly as could.

  Which they ultimately do though it’s no use by then. The girl who infected Alex goes to “work” instead of meeting him at Prom and spreads the disease after “dancing” for some of her customers. One begins spreading the infection at his work while the other heads for his next stop, just outside New Orleans, a day away from Mardi Gras. Two others cross the border as we end the film much like it began with a cartoon displaying the rest of the film in what feels like a rather quick watch, but not worth seeking out to view. So, seems like they plan on killing as many people as can, and then what? It’s not like it’s going to turn into The Walking Dead or Resident Evil (movies). It’s just going to be another two films where a bunch of blood is gonna be thrown around with an okay script and bunch of C actors. (Although, seeing Seas Astin’s names attached to the third did intrigue me) They seem like a good idea, it just doesn’t stand out and not sure it will get any better with another two installments. The only actor in here I even knew was Noah Segan who I had seen in Brick. He was a bit too..dramatic in this role but I think because I see him being more of the “tough” guy rather than the shy best friend. Or perhaps the handsome heart-throb if able to turn down the theatrics. I’ve heard a lot lately about Ti West and wasn’t too thrilled with The Innkeepers, one of the most boring films I’ve seen in a while. I have wanted to check out V/H/S (though I believe he only did one segment in that film) and haven’t seen The House of the Devil since it was released but vaguely recall that as well. He shoots his films well but again, nothing I think is really any different to what I have seen or has any original shots that make the film worth watching. The next installment is set to be released next year so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they decide to do with the series. Both the director and writer attached are still fresh but the one writing the screenplay hasn’t done too bad prior so maybe they’re turn out something new/different.