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As I stepped into the car I could feel my heart start to race. Feelings of uncertainty surrounded my body as I drove out my apartment building. I hope he didn’t notice anything. After ten minutes of driving, any other feelings of hesitation had left my mind. What entered next was something best described as excitement. It had felt like so long and yet I grew more anxious with each passing mile. As I pulled up to the house I could see him waiting outside with something in his hands. A smile couldn’t help but cross my face when I noticed they were flowers.

“Dylan! It’s been so long!”

“Chloe! Ah, man have I missed you!” He extended his arm to hand me the bouquet. Memories couldn’t help but flood my mind from our past.

“So, care to join me?” he asked coyly. As though I could turn back now.

The next hour was spent talking about our lives since having last seen one another, sharing laugh after another. All this time and he had still looked the same, if not more deviously handsome. Piercing into me a stare that screamed “I want you” and who was I to say no. Yet after what seemed an eternity of playful intent, we decided to move our conversation to the bedroom. I never remember how it begins which makes it that much better after the fact. All I know is within minutes my shorts are off and I don’t seem to mind. He immediately takes control (he knows what he’s doing) and works his way into my body, refusing to let go. The next several hours were spent in bliss with my back arched up and my hands aimlessly trying to hold onto something. For those next few hours I didn’t have a care in the world; no bill crossed my mind and I didn’t have to worry whether my day would be spent depressed or just mildly depressed. Those hours went by entirely too fast and I wanted more.

Afterwards, a shower was much-needed. To not only wash off the various solutions that had found themselves on our bodies but to realize what had to happen next. I had to leave. What was worse was knowing it would be some time until I saw him again. The next two hours I lay next to him waiting for that alarm to go off. He made sure to walk me to my car, always a gentleman that way. Kissed me goodbye and watched me leave. Driving back to my apartment I didn’t need the radio to provide any sort of entertainment. I had more than enough inspiration to let my mind wander for a couple of minutes. I pulled into the nearest spot and as I turned off the car, I stopped to smile to myself one last time. I threw my keys on the nearest piece of furniture, took off my pants and headed for the bedroom to lay down. Once settling into the blankets, the snoring stopped.

“Chloe? Everything okay?…”a faint whisper asked while rubbing his eyes.

“Yea, just trying to get comfortable.”


“Yes?” I replied.

“By the end of today you’ll be ‘Mrs. Aaron Sheffield,’ excited?”

“You kidding me? Couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing…nothing at all.”