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A Lot like Love (2005)

Directed by Nigel Cole Written by Colin Patrick Lynch

  When I first heard that they’re were modernizing When Harry Met Sally, I was initially excited. Though hearing of the main Actors involved had me not as thrilled, I will always maintain that you can’t do much better than the original; usually! But it was certainly a good B version of the film and surprised me in more than a couple of ways. Everyone whose seen the Rob Reiner flick knows the basic principle for whats about to happen. And those who haven’t, just imagine one person frequently making appearances every couple of years throughout your life. Catching up with that person and hearing of the others tales to then find yourself falling in love with that person. So then you try, or they try to and it doesn’t seem to work, for the moment. Both proceeding to make fools of yourselves until coming together in the end to give it an actual shot.

While arriving at the airport Oliver (Ashton Kutcher) notices a couple that begins fighting while saying their goodbyes. Taking her picture and watching her before their plane departed, sitting close-by as she catches him staring at her. During the flight Emily (Amanda Peet) inducts Oliver into the mile high club and immediately acts as though nothing happened once the plane lands. Though intrigued more than ever now, the two form an odd friendship in using the other for random moments they happen to become involved in. Always running into the other when their time was most limited. Oliver having a sure enough 5 year plan he was setting into motion. Giving her his parents number and saying to call in that amount of time and after receiving his information would hear his beautiful wife pick up and know then, that he had made it. Three years going by until they come across one another while Emily attempted to find a date for New Years. Though she ends up spending most of the night speaking with Gina (Ali Larter) and Michelle (Kathryn Hahn) after seeing her ex there with someone else. But wasn’t she as well? Though Oliver comes to the rescue once the clock strikes midnight and delivers a kiss that saves the night. Ending up at his place and passing out, awaking the next morning to find him already gone, though having left a camera with a note.  

Two years later and photography had become Emily’s occupation while a bump disrupted Oliver’s plan when his girlfriend decided she couldn’t be 3rd or 4th in his life. Claiming to put in no more time than one would suspect when starting up a new business. They bring the others morale up by taking off in a mini road trip to a state park where they partake in a revealing photo shoot. Claiming for the entire thing to be “no big deal” as Emily claimed to have met someone either way, Oliver leaving for San Francisco to have at his venture. Flash forward a year later with it losing everything he had put in. His brother giving the advice of life not waiting for anyone and to go get what it was he wanted. Giving him the idea to serenade Em while outside her place, playing guitar for a small audience of neighbors who had already assembled. Playing a Bon Jovi song which referenced the boyfriend he saw her fighting with upon first seeing. Claiming to probably being six years too late but asking for strike one back. Another 6 months pass. So what happened in the end? What do you think?

I still maintain the film is not as good as it’s predecessor. It did however, hold a certain charm that made it worth the view. Not sure if they looked as good as they acted together but it ended up working in the end. Kutcher had been in two other romantic comedies at the time that were a bust and I think this worked well because he was able to calm down his inner Kelso. The smirk he kept on his face for a majority of the film was much more attractive than trying to force that appeal out in some other aspect. And hey, I’m a sucker for a guy who can sing/play a guitar. Amanda Peet also doesn’t seem to get much recognition though she’s quite humorous. I didn’t like the way they dressed her for the entirety of her youth but I suppose most would agree to not liking what they wore in their youth, to some extent.

The supporting cast also had many surprises throughout. Including Norman Reedus though if you blink long enough, u will miss him. I like deaf Actors, as funny as that may initially sound, but I do. So I hope to see Tyrone Giordano in other projects in the future; he brings a lot of emotion into his roles, as small as they may seem. Though he’s just as funny and great to watch than most other Actors. I was also surprised to see Kathryn Hahn and Ali Larter playing the “girlfriends” of Emily but not so much when Larter ended up sleeping with the ex; that seems to be her thing in films. I also like that Hahn started out doing roles like this and gradually has become known for her vulgar humor. Taryn Manning is not really someone I’d consider in film, though I do like her music. She plays Oliver’s sister and was funny because of the interaction between the two. I also liked seeing Jeremy Sisto, who is the one she becomes engaged to at the end, for a brief moment. Rounding out the familiarities with Kal Penn who was Oliver’s business partner and didn’t have much screen time but was another nice thing to notice throughout. The soundtrack didn’t take away or try to use rehashed covers of music I already know so well, like rom/coms do today. I’m also pretty sure the timeline was extended a bit and even when they do meet up, is more like a brief moment than actually spending time to know the otherBut I’m sure that’s where the rest of their life part would come into play. It seemed like one of those movies where you see the cover and have no desire to watch. But after, can say that wasn’t the worst thing that’s ever come out.