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I feel as though I have to discuss something aloud. Otherwise it would seep into every review I did or forever be the elephant in the room that was never discussed. But in order to rant properly I would need entirely more room. The reason for even beginning being certain websites, mainly Rotten Tomatoes, of which I almost never agree with. So it’s a good thing I don’t depend on their word. Anyway…

A big pet peeve of mine happens to be when trying to research a film, in whatever manner. Coming across people who say the film was too much of “this,” not enough of “that,” but usually in reference to the Genre. For example: “It swayed too finely between being a romance and thriller that it never made it clear of what it was.” To then go and look up the film and find it categorized under Romantic Thriller. -_-

Not only does it not make sense but I’m confused on what exactly they were expecting. Of course this is subjective because I know, along with most of you reading this, that we happen to have more knowledge than the “Average Joe’s” out there. Referring to Actors by name, being well versed on several Directors careers and countless, “useless” information of movies at random. If anything I prefer being able to carry on endless conversations of such but hey, who doesn’t love talking about something they’re passionate about? Buyer Beware as they say.

For instance, I happen to have a completely unhealthy obsession with Quentin Tarantino; with his scripts that is. So when I go into a Quentin film I know three things I’ll expect and always get in return. Great dialogue. Perspectives on subjects that otherwise could not be handled properly if not in his hands. And an amazing soundtrack that is infectious beyond belief. Though let us not forget the complete dedication he puts into his films. Along with Robert Rodriguez, I’ve always maintained that they both do such a fantastic job of letting their leads shine in every possible light. Everything else he does; non-linear formats, strong female leads, everything; is simply icing on the cake. Though I continue to hear people claim of his films being “too violent,” or whatever else they’ve completely missed the point of. Are they really expecting something from a man who made quite clear of his intent with his first film alone? Though admittedly, I do catch a great amount of flack for my favorite Quentin film; Death Proof. But my favorite script from him is From Dusk till Dawn. Five of his other films tied at second and the other two in third. What, it’s my list, I’ll make it how I choose.

I heard him referring to it a couple of weeks back on how it had been his worst received film. Which didn’t surprise me. Having only Directed 8 films, (wholly at least) it would seem silly to even rank them when they’re all enveloped in his style; wholeheartedly. Having more than enough time in between means he carefully goes through each process, or phase rather. Death Proof having it’s fair share of conversation; (which may bore some) especially the one 7 minute shot. But the deliverance of the lines pair perfectly with their characters. The interactions between Kurt Russell and the girls are fantastic, every single time. Especially when he goes outside to converse with “Butterfly” and inquire about his dance. What I heard most in ill regard for the film, unfortunately, was from males stating there was no need to have so many strong female characters. At least, not an entire film in that manner. So after I stopped speaking with them, I assessed that yet, twas another point lost within his films. Mrs. Brown or The Bride are fine but eight beautiful, strong and talented woman? The “too many cooks in the kitchen” argument simply does not suffice.

So was there a point to all this? Let’s get back to that. All I’m trying to say is that if you’re not going to make a most minimal effort to know what you’re going into, don’t be surprised if you don’t like the finished product. There are entirely too many different strokes for different folks to condemn a movie that, probably wasn’t even made for you to begin with. Just say that instead and move on. No need to be a Debbie Downer for something you just don’t understand.