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I lay stretched out on the couch as I waited for him to join. I couldn’t help staring at the ceiling, lost within reality. I’d be lying if I didn’t state the time apart had its toll. Oh, the lonely and often long nights. Though nothing felt as nice as that welcoming hug and kiss. Just as inviting as our first, shared so many years ago. I almost didn’t notice him approaching from the bedroom. “What’s so funny baby?”

“Oh, just the movie.” It was partly true. The other being that I was so happy I couldn’t help but periodically giggle. I lifted my legs as he neared so he could join me; getting comfortable never took long. His arms were so elongated that his right hand reached the top of my head without even trying. He began caressing my hair as I inched down and slightly turned to face the television. Settling in as his other hand caressed my thigh was just what I had needed. The movie of choice was Shaun of the Dead; something to lighten the mood after scaring ourselves silly with the previous film. It had been my turn to visit and I couldn’t think of a better gift for myself. I had almost forgotten what it was like to smile. Which he resolved fairly quickly. We end up watching only half of the movie, eyes both so tired from the full day we had just endured. Mine spent driving while he had been stuck in school until I had arrived. Stating he didn’t want to bring work home for the next week if he could help it. Though we soon after made our way to the bedroom to immerse ourselves within his King sized bed. He made the tiniest moans and groans as he tried to get comfortable under the covers. A ritual before passing out that I had always found equal parts of silly and cute.

Turning to face me, we intertwined our bodies and began sharing one story after another. The most open we had even been, no question seemed off limits. I ran my nails slowly up and down his back while his hands followed the curvatures of my body. Eventually speaking until he fell asleep a slight smile possessed my face as I shortly followed to dream of thee.