I hear the bedroom door close as I slowly turn around. His long, slender body moves towards mine with that familiar look in his eyes. Placing both hands around my face, he gently tips my head back to kiss me. Those deep chestnut eyes stare right through me as his slight smile shows no mercy. He gently pushes me up against the bed to lay me down; hands freely wondering as his lips softly bite my neck. I feel him tugging at my belt as it unclasp and he slips his fingers inside. Experiencing instant gratification and losing any attempt to form a thought. I collide back into reality as a barbaric demeanor embodies me and I begin to tug back at his belt. I needed him inside me. But he’s not one to rush things. In fact, he likes to hear me beg. He stops my hands to put them over my head, binding them together. Trusting that I won’t move and working his way down to my thighs. Wrapping his fingers around them and exercising his tongue as I gravitate down the rabbit hole.