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You couldn’t possibly love me.
When you love someone,
your body aches when apart.
Your heart melts at the thought,
mind simultaneously stops.
To start back up, again.
To amuse and confuse your head.
Make you feel as though you’d rather be dead.
Who says I don’t feel this way?
I say.
For if were true, would be unable to participate,
In the absence of my heart, unwilling to negotiate.
For craving another is truly unlike any other,
sensation or emotion that one can bear.
I feel it for he but not you for me.
Who so easily cradles under pressure.
Stating that you care though to what measure?
He moves through my soul, takes me whole.
Shares my pain in ways you’d never know.
Fills me, thrills me, drinks me in.
Makes me, takes me to states of zen.