I step outside as a rush of cool air makes me aware;
this harsh condition means a change is in the air.
What does that even mean, should I even care?
A separate voice softly replies, “Only if you dare.”
I walk further down, the steps only weigh me down.
Should I stop right here, just turn back now?
“You should do as you please,
Does that include defeat?”
You tease! You feen!
Must you really be so mean?
“You see me as such but what have I done,
If not given you choice in whom you’ve become.
You think this is difficult,
You believe this to be rough?
I’d hate to see your journey,
when life really gets tough.
You must not forget that each step is a battle.
This ‘harsh’ wind, a reminder.
That while you may triumph a little,
you’ll struggle for much longer.”