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Obsessed (2009)

Written by David Loughery Directed by Steve Shill

   Sure, we’ve seen this done to death. And sure, it may be just the slightest different here or there. But hey, no one plays crazy white girl like Ali Larter and a lot of us have waited a long time to see Beyonce put the hurting down on someone, anyone really. I at least know I have.

   Derek (Idris Elba) thus far has set himself up for living the good life. Working his way up to an Asset manager for a firm that he has become quite comfortable with. Marrying his former secretary Sharon (Beyoncé) as they welcomed a baby boy after three blissful years of marriage. So it would only make sense for something to come stir the pot and give him a different change of pace. Something temp-tress Lisa (Ali Larter) seemed born to maneuver. Having caught Derek’s eye almost immediately,can’t seem to gather information on her new boss any faster and thus begins her impressive stalking abilities almost immediately. 

   Not shying away from some harmless flirting that whether Derek admits to or not, he certainly partakes in. Although his loyalty wholeheartedly lays with his family. Which was surprising considering the embarrassing ways in which Lisa throws herself at him. Taking the place of several office assistants after they get the stomach flu and inviting herself to the Christmas party after only working there for two weeks. In which their first altercation occurs in the bathroom. The next one being a bit more interesting as Lisa meets him in an empty parking lot with nothing more than lingerie and a floor length coat on. Doing everything in his power to shake her presence from his life. Yet no matter how much he pushes, she comes right back twice as crazy. The final straw being when him and several partners, including best friend Ben (Jerry O’Connell) and Joe (Bruce McGill) leave for a work retreat. After getting him alone and slipping him a roofie, she meets him back up in his room to take advantage of him. Yes, you are reading this correctly so far.

   Solving the situation by attempting suicide, overdosing on a bottle of pills and convincing Detective Reese (Christine Lahti) that it was all on account of Derek no longer leaving his wife. Stating that such was his initial intention. Apparently leaving for San Francisco with her sister as things clear up for Derek, though he remains in the dog house for quite some time. Having temporarily moved out and regaining Sharon’s trust slowly, eventually inviting her to spend his birthday with him after enough time apart. His gift being a key back into the house. Though it would seem Lisa had wormed her way back into his life as well and found a way of moving their son Kyle out of the house, unknown to the sitter (Scout Taylor-Compton). All this being well over the last straw as Sharon decides that she would have to be the one taking matters into her own hands. Besides installing an alarm system, returning to the house before a trip out of town to find a present waiting in their bedroom in the form of Lisa wearing Derek’s old jersey, with petals displayed around the bed. Ensuing in an all out fight around the house that ultimately ends in the way you probably saw coming all along.

   It was definitely different to have the tables turned and have the man involved have absolutely no attempt in initiating the contact. Even his coworkers couldn’t believe his strength in denying her advances. But then again, that’s also what made the story so perfect in a way. It’s unfortunately so typical to believe that any man would gladly jump at the chance to stray that when one decides not to, who would actually believe him? Especially after seeing the slight interactions held around the office and sharing a dance that she gladly cut into at the Christmas party. While he had been happily married, Sharon had been a previous secretary and knew all too well the “games” in which he would play with the ladies at the office. In which case it would be even more difficult to prove if he already had a thing for those working close to him. Especially after stating that if he was single that she would be a foreseeable option when trying to console her after catching her crying in the break room. Then when he was going to come forth about the way Lisa had been acting, he receives the news of his sister-in-law being devastated from being told of her husband having an affair for quite some time. What perfect timing to share such a thing. While seemingly lucky to a point, always having something happen when deciding to come forth, it only prolonged the inevitable and made matters worse in the end.

   It was also nice to see Beyonce in something that didn’t require her singing in a scene since we all know she does that well on her own. She made quite a perfect imaged couple with Idris and held her own rather nicely. Although the performance that shined the most was certainly that of crazed out Lisa, played by Larter. Not saying she had any personal experience with such a script but I’m not sure they could have found a more perfect match. The looks she would give, her slight movements and gestures felt unforced and you couldn’t wait to see something, anything, put a stop to her antics. I honestly couldn’t wait to see the fight between the two as the climax, it’s why we see these types of films! However it didn’t have much of an ending or felt like after showing the audience what they wanted to see that they were just done very matter of factly. But it wasn’t any more difficult to leave the rest to our imagination on them living happily ever after. It just felt like an over budgeted version of a lifetime movie.