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The Unborn (2009)

Written and Directed by David S. Goyer

It’s hard to say what singlehandedly, I disliked about this film. Besides the fact that it has taken me over 3 years to even see the entire thing. I could just never find a reason to completely finish it. So I decided to go ahead and complete the review so I could simply be done with this once and for all.

The premise is The Omen (in reverse) meets some next generation Megan Fox named Casey (Odette Annable). With “better” acting skills in a horror flick that truly had no purpose in even being made. Yea, gonna have to throw it into that category. But wait! There’s more. The script follows this beautiful woman in her young twenties whose done pretty well for herself up until now. Having a totally, not gay boyfriend Mark (Cam Gigandet). With an awesome, superstitious friend Romy (Meagan Good) who says such things as “Newborns aren’t supposed to see their own reflection.” Because it would mean that they would die soon. Which if was the case, is not very good news for all the young mothers of this generation. Seeing as how they can barely pry themselves from a mirror to showoff whatever their gene pool has produced. We have showcased all the typical horror bits that can be covered in this type of flick. Babysitting while receiving a creepy message from the child, the terrible “what could be behind the mirror” deal. Having headaches that lead to eventual hallucinations. Finding random film reels that hold mysterious information, plus resenting her mother for having left her and her father. For going crazy, literally, and taking her own life in the mental hospital she was condemned to (how selfish). She even finds a creepy old article where they were nice enough to underline the name she ended up investigating. Which was so lazy on the film’s part. It wasn’t like the article was even about numerous persons. Even Leslie Vernon displayed better bits.

It seems Casey‘s big secret was that she was supposed to be a twin. Thus the heterochromia (color change that begins in her eye, despite it’s 20 year delay). Though was never told because of the fetus having died early in the pregnancy as the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and suffocated him. Turning out to be a sort of curse her family had been aware of since grandmother Sofi Kozma (Jane Alexander/woman in article), experienced something similar after her twin had died while being experimented on. Yet arose two days later, starting the curse. All things Casey eventually discovers when visiting Sofi in order to receive such details. As her sudden case of bad luck continues, her grandmother is found dead in her nursing home. But not before being able to conveniently write her a farewell letter; stating any further encouragement needed at such a time. Told to find Rabbi Sendak (Gary Oldman) who agrees to assist in a exorcism after obtaining The Book of Mirrors, needing to force Jumby (who her parents had nicknamed) away from her. Taking such precautions as breaking any mirrors she had in her home and burning them as a means of destroying the blatantly obvious statement of twins mirroring each other and being able to contact them through such. Also obtaining wind chimes as they announced when spirits were present. So let’s see, if you happen to live in an especially windy area, expect to be followed by the afterlife constantly.

Though they end up seeking further help from Episcopalian Priest Arthur (Idris Elba). He decides they could complete the exorcism the next night, needing 10 people in order to perform. A well known mystical number in the Jewish religion. Going to the now abandoned mental hospital in which her mother had died and strapping Casey to a gurney before starting the ritual. Using some sort of weird sex toy in order to subdue her mouth as lots of screaming and wind surrounded them once everything began. Jumby’s mission this entire time being that he was ready to be born, which concurs with the surprise at the end of Casey finding out she was pregnant. With signs having been there all along. Like when she got night sickness at a rave attended. Right before peaking into a glory hole that had several hundred bugs disperse. Thankfully saved by her boyfriend and best friend having obtained excellent hearing within such a place.

Don’t fret however as I have not spoiled anything. Because I’ll go ahead and suggest that you just don’t watch this if finding yourself torn while in a predicament of having to choose. Which may not seem entirely fair. I did like Idris (though such a small role) and Oldman rarely disappoints. I can only take so much nonsense however. The film did do a good job of displaying how nice of a body Odette had. But that wasn’t something I had to figure out using slow motion shots or seeing her practically sleep nude in tight attire. Though the acting was sub par, the constant annoyances found through the film as well as the shotty CGI only made things worse as it continued. I know they can’t all be winners, I think I just expected more from the Writer/Director.