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Creepshow 2 (1987) 

Directed by Michael Gornick Screenplay by George A. Romero

After the success off the first Creepshow, how could the great ghoulish trio not come forth with another installment? Originally intended to be another five stories as in the first, they settled on three of Stephen King’s stories written out in the screenplay by George A. Romero. Though directed by the cinematographer having worked with Romero in the past, they’re merely viewed as the work of someone who had the ability to bring the terror to screen. But not the diligence to display genuine tales of Horror which was ultimately what hindered the film in the end.

Old Chief Wood’nhead: Martha (Dorothy Lamour) and Ray (George Kennedy) Spruce had run the general store in their local town for the past thirty years or so. With a heart the size of the statue standing proudly outside his store, Ray wasn’t difficult to bargain with when it came to needing supplies. His wife, only asking that he stop trusting in people who only seemed to be taking advantage of him. Yet another slow day brings visitor Benjamin Whitemoon (Frank Salsedo) with a gift for the elderly couple. Having gathered an heirloom from each of the families that owed them, Benjamin explains how they were meant to be held onto and if unable to pay their debt, able to keep forever. A new leaf seemingly turning over when the night brings visitors of a different kind.

Sam Whitemoon (Holt McCallany), and his ruffian friends deem it necessary to rip through the store, taking whatever they saw fit. As Sam was convinced they would soon be going to Hollywood where he no doubt, would become famous instantly, due to his long luscious hair. Vanity consuming his every move as he’s unable to part before obtaining the 10,000 worth in jewelry that had been given to them earlier by his uncle. The death of the couple soon met with a vengeful response from the supposed wooden statue who would save the best kill for last; scalping the hair Sam couldn’t simply part with on his own.

The Raft: A group of four; Rachel (Page Hannah), Laverne (Jeremy Green), Randy (Daniel Beer) and Deke (Paul Satterfield) decide to take the afternoon off and travel out to a hidden lake. Otherwise promises of some green, swimming and a little scenery filling up their day as they couldn’t wait to pair off and let the real fun begin. With their stereo blaring and the girls ready (or not) the two boys take the lead by heading out to the raft first to wait. Randy (or Poncho as called), taking notice to the oil slick that seemed to be moving towards the girls as they finally made their way across. Being the only concerned participant until it got so close that its captured Rachel while waving her hand within the water. Smooth move. Next grabbing hold of Deke through the raft as it teared him down into the water to claim yet another easy victim. The last two trying to wait around for the slick to move, which it doesn’t (Go figure). The next morning yielding perhaps a new dawning with Randy getting a bit frisky as Laverne slept. Dismayed by the slight groans she produced to soon reveal the disastrous glob that had taken over her face, slowly consuming her. With the break needed, Randy attempts to make it to shore believing himself to be the victor. Though not accounting for the wave he’d soon be swept up in after taunting that he had beaten whatever it was.

The Hitchhiker: Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles) had been having an affair with a male prostitute for quite some time. One particular night yielding disastrous results as she found herself running late, unable to figure out what she would tell her husband once arriving home. Chatting outright and laughing at how funny the truth would be, she drops her cigarette, causing her to swerve all over the road and running right into a hitchhiker (Tom Wright). Unsure of an immediate next move, her instincts have her peel away before the oncoming traffic could discover the mess having made. Receiving a quick cameo by Stephen King as a trucker, Annie begins conversing with herself once again, asking whether she would be able to live with what she had just done. Deciding that she otherwise could until seeing flashes of the same man she had hit. The trouble being that they weren’t false images, but in fact having ran into the hitchhiker from Hell. Comically following Annie the entire way home, thanking her for the ride while repeatedly being run over. Met with relief upon getting home and parking the garage, believing the entire thing to have been a figment. Rushing for no reason as her husband had for the first time in history, not arrived home on time. Though infested with the fumes of her car as the garage door soon sealed her fate, the unrelenting hitchhiker maintaining his quest to keep on going.

Final Thoughts: The problem with the stories was not none of them were particularly scary, thrilling or as though they couldn’t find something better to portray for their audience. Though I did like that they kept it down to three the second time around, it didn’t leave the allotted room for failure should they not all hit. Overall the most entertaining to watch was The Raft. While having heard that it made for quite the short story, it was also easiest to portray with the four chosen. Giving the feel of any other teen horror flick, such as Friday the 13th. Wasn’t exactly sure what should be so terrifying about the first story; those punks had that coming! And the last was simply too humorous the more it continued. I did love seeing Tom Savini as host, The Creep. Though had missed the comic book inserts the first had incorporated so well throughout the stories.