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   While having always wanted to attend a Comic Con in no particular city, I found myself somewhat shocked upon hearing that one would be finally coming to my hometown. Put together by Alfredo “Apple” De La Fuente with the help of many sponsors including 99.5 Kiss. (Which promoted the S out of the convention and how I even heard of such) However, promised copious amounts of panels, merchandise and guests galore for anyone having grown up in the eighties/nineties.

What upset me most though was how unprepared I was, with the knowledge of the con only a couple of weeks before occurring. Prone to having an entire year to plan as with Texas Frightmare in Dallas. Nonetheless, it was nice to meet a handful of the guests present and getting to walk to the actual convention with Heather Langenkamp was an icing on my cake as I couldn’t help but recognize her while in route. Definitely a fun time for families and all things geekery alike, it was just certainly a lot more impersonal than I had already been used to. But fun, and looking forward to the future cons that I will undoubtedly also be present for.