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Meet Bill (2007)

Written by Melisa Wallack Directed by Bernie Goldmann & Melisa Wallack

 While succumbing to a midlife crisis was not exactly where Bill (Aaron Eckhart) had found himself in life. It wasn’t very far from feeling those same and shared emotions associated with such either. Unfulfilled, depressed, lost…investing his misery into countless candy bars hidden throughout his work and home; the list went on. Besides harboring the expected hatred for ones job, Bill worked alongside his father-in-law Mr. Jacoby (Holmes Osborne) at Freedom Bank; as head of human resources. Married to a beautiful woman, Jessica (Elizabeth Banks), that he had come to suspect of cheating on him with the ‘On the Scene’ newscaster guy, Chip Johnson (Timothy Olyphant). Soon enough catching the two when positioning a camera in the bedroom before attending a duck hunting trip, despite being disgusted with the act of hunting itself.

Meeting some eccentric kid (Logan Lerman) who had enrolled in an mentoring program insisting Bill be his tutor, after assisting in an escape earlier at school. Nothing short of a gift from this kid, Bill was shown that it was okay not to necessarily think all the time. That living for yourself was better than wallowing in your own depression and getting his lazy ass up if not liking where things were going and doing something about it. Regressed back to childhood at one point when smoking some kind of weed that gave you exceeding amounts of energy and caused them to make a scene in his brothers sporting goods store. Deciding he would help Bill get back his life, but besides ditching class and smoking weed, the only other interest had was in winning the affection of 20-something Lucy (Jessica Alba), who worked at the mall. Paying for her to hang out with them when deciding the perfect plan in getting Jessica back, was in making her jealous by temporarily using Lucy. Because nothing spells out undying attraction like insisting on using a woman right out the bat! Though seemingly not minding as she eventually grew into liking the three’s odd friendship obtained. Which Jess catches wind to and eventually becomes jealous of, despite her ongoing affair with Chip. Paying off one night when Lucy invites a friend over to the tent Bill had ever since been residing in, in the back of his brother and lovers yard, for a little music and relaxation before the company picnic the following day.

Eckhart, proving once again that some of his better performances are surely from the films you may have never heard of. Besides being a hilarious front runner, I knew from the first accidentally slap that the rest of the film wouldn’t disappoint. Lerman, having a set of eyes that you couldn’t help but affix yours too was a better wing-man than most adult males, sadly. With Bill’s brother and boyfriend Paul (Reed Diamond) fairing as extras with flair needed in order to bounce Bill back from his carefree and newly ambitious attitude. Rounded out with Jessica Alba’s character, who was rather quiet in comparison to the other cast, but worked well in that aspect, not allowing to really determine the outcome of whether one would like the film.

Several side performances being just as entertaining to watch throughout. Having Timothy as the Newscaster who not so secretly colors his hair was a nice cameo. Funny enough, I did see him and Jess as the better couple in the end either way. With the side business of wanting to work within a doughnut company striving for deemed Sweet Sweet, harboring Jane (Kristen Wiig) and Jim Whitman (Jason Sudeikis).Who were often confused by their new employees antics but excited about the addition to the team regardless; always nice to see either pop up in a random role. Soon becoming involved strictly with Jess as Bill decides to pursue a venture more fitting to his newly found self. But overall a surprising watch that’ll leave you feeling a little about better about the downfalls that may come with life. Knowing that while we may not have some kid following us to cheer us on, that we can all at least be conscientious of the slippery slope we may let ourselves slide into to. Showing that in life, if your unhappy with your surroundings, do something about it! Besides the empowerment felt once achieving your goals, it’ll finally feel good to know that instead of being happy with mediocrity, that you’ve made the effort to move your life in a different direction. Which is always a step up from nothing.