I wish to close my eyes and once they open, find myself far away. In a place where only me and you can meet. With the ocean surrounding and all we hear are the waves. Where the only thing the sun reflects is his eyes as I feel a firm but gentle grasp around my waist. The soft of his lower lip hovering dangerously close between both of mine.
It’s in this moment where I hope to stay. The sound of his voice calming me as I look up and see forever in his eyes. “I love the way you look at me.”
“It’s because I’m fucking in love with you, quite simply.”
My nose crinkling as I attempt to hide a smile. A softly formed fist rising as he used his bent index finger to lift up my chin.
“Right here lover, this is where I always want you.”
He brings a tranquility to my soul. Knowing my inner demons all too well, refusing to let them win. I’ve never been whole nor will I ever be. All secondhand knowledge at this point. All coming down to perception. How one wishes to use such information. My thoughts, every grain of sand on this beach, filled with only heartache and sorrow.
Yet all he sees…is me.