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Winter is coming,
So you know what that means;
Rush under the covers,
Before a Targaryen rip out our spleen.

A joke, much too cruel,
Or so haven’t you heard,
When the time comes to kid,
Your best left out in the burbs

For not so long ago in fact,
My heart DID break,
Into fragments and deep splinters;
A lost identity within this ache

When alas, the fog has cleared for now
As my mind is just at ease
With so many voices all at once,
One can imagine the difficulty in trying to appease.

But such has been the case with you.
I’m sorry babe for when I stew.
With all this passion cooped up inside,
You’d HAVE to be crazy to have me as your bride.


Despairingly so, I feel this ache,
Feel it in my bones, it withers in my veins.
This tormented soul, that hides so well,
Aches to break free, no longer bound by spell.

These troubled words of which I blindly chant,
Have no meaning as though a rant.
These tangled webs which I wove so fine,
Keep interwoven through space and time.


I melt in your presence,
Like putty, I mold.
Into some gelatinous form…
Or at least, so I’m told.


A familiar touch, I know too well.
Emotions surge; only time will tell.
I hear his laughter, I know that smell.
Could this be headed for a repeated Hell?

I tiptoe so quiet around you and watch,
Take in these ‘new’ habits,
Though certain to botch.

Your kisses are deeper,
Your taste, much sweeter.
But I can’t shake this feeling,
So unable to forego.

The pitter patter of my beating heart,
gets much to panicked for us to part.
Exhilaration, intoxication;
A constant right from the very start.