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R.I.P.D (2013)

Synopsis: Based on the graphic novel entitled accordingly so, R.I.P.D was brought to shelves by Peter M. Lenkov. Adapted into a film where there may be no rest for the wicked but rather, an alternate universe simultaneously allowing certain people through in order to fight a blind justice. Cops obtained from different decades, and if acquiring any skills desired, given the opportunity to either take their chances with judgment day or serve out a 100 year sentence; sure to put in a good word upstairs with Eternal Affairs. Finding any “Deados,” who looked like regular people until ‘popping.’ For if slipping through the cracks and able to stay on earth, their soul and that of the earths would be permitted to rot. Meaning such travesties from global warming to bad cell phone reception…you know, the real problems we find ourselves dealing with these days. The Deados having spent the past 3000 years trying to locate the pieces of Gold of which when brought together would make up The Staff of Jericho. Acting as a portal and reversing the tunnel allowing for the dead to reign down upon Earth.

The Good: The premise itself was rather intriguing. The thought of alternate universe is already one thing, but to add these souls getting to partake in fighting against some other force while surrounding us, sounds good enough on paper. So why wouldn’t it carry over just the same? For starters, there’s just so much one can expect from a realm that doesn’t allow the type of creativity as given when drawing out such fantasies. Though I did greatly enjoy the depiction of crossing over and how time itself stood still. The recently deceased able to view the last moments surrounding them before carried off into a tunnel; which was when Nick Parker (Ryan Reynolds) was grabbed by Proctor (Mary Louise Parker).
Their newest recruit as the dirty cop who had seen the error of his ways has his life taken the same day his partner double crosses him. Hayes (Kevin Bacon), killing him in the line of duty held onto a secret all his own as per his own intention on keeping the Gold they had found. With his storyline being rather intriguing and honestly having some of the better effects when nearing the end. Also liking how the pace was relatively fast which made it nice to keep up with and overall a well shot film. Maintaining an interest in a number of the Actors involved which I never mind watching, though sometimes that can’t always be what they expect to “save” the movie from any such destruction.

The Bad: Let’s just be honest, those were some pretty crappy effects. I can say that without a doubt it was the most upsetting factor about this film for myself. Something noticed as soon as the opening credits but what you hope is a fluke and that by some miracle, they’ll change; but they don’t. Though making it clear of being geared more towards a family film in general. And okay, maybe they weren’t all bad. But where in the world did that 130,000,000 go! With that type of budget, there were a number of directions that this film could have been taken. Or at least used their strengths to their advantage, referring to the avatars of Roy and Nick’s; played by James Hong and Marisa Miller. I would have loved getting to see them featured more while understandably knowing more or less a few problems that would arise with either attempting more. However, for the movies sake, I would have accepted a “lesser” version of the two if able to somehow work them in more additionally throughout. So many lost opportunities for comedy.
Though as evident of it being a buddy cop with a twist, Reynolds and Bridges worked somewhat awkwardly with each other. Both being able to sway within the different genres seamlessly however once brought together, didn’t work for myself. Churning out acceptable modes of comedy to suffice. But the same comedy routine can tire, especially when you have Bridges apparently just stepping off the set of True Grit and onto this one.

The Verdict: If your able to get past the initial fact that this will not be a flat out comedy of high proportions, then its not so bad. Something me and my son thoroughly enjoyed watching together; after my original response. Which was one of disappointment, but more-so at that after the fact I wasn’t even sure what I had been expecting. Reynolds had been kind of hit or miss in the past couple of years and while not the worse thing one could watch this year, it wasn’t something that’ll stick out once viewed either. Because at the end of the day, some things are just better left in their original form.