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Lude, unapologetic, and always aggressive. Nip/Tuck dared to wildly push the envelope each week with its superficial and satirically way of displaying the life of two Plastic Surgeons; Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. Having met while in College, they began what would lead to a 20+ year relationship in which they would share everything from their taste in women to the location of where, “the bodies were buried.” While perhaps a bit too intense for a majority of audiences at times, if able to see past the rudimentary train of thought of sex being too taboo a subject, should be able to enjoy the show for all its true grandeur. Creating a synchronicity within each episode by fashioning each medical procedure performed, attune to the Director/Writer for that particular episode. Ensuring that the momentum behind the show was complemented by the people who knew its characters best. For the majority of the series, allowing creator Ryan Murphy to open and close each season as tales of mayhem, mischief and the macabre filled out the in-betweens of the six season series. Leaving us with a bold depiction that is ultimately about the choices we make in our lives and the result of said actions.

While working for the Miami Herald in the nineties, calf implants appeared to be a thing of the now and as an idea for an article came about, Murphy prepared to go along with the particular procedure up until the actual date. Backing out in the end, he did require many of the aspects we see within the Pilot episode, including the infamous, “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself” line. Having been an avid watched of FX’s The Shield, Murphy found himself drawn to the display of relationship from the show that was shared in his own vision. His pitch being in wanting to further explore the realm of the superficial. After briefly doing so High School style, with his first series in 1999; Popular. A short lived series that despite its lack of ratings, was quite humorous and had a great energy used in its first season. Unfortunately seeing its end after its depressing follow up in which most of the story-line became uncontrollably depressing as they begun killing off characters. Though I wildly digress.

The relationship between the three main characters; Sean, Christian and Julia can only be watched with growing fascination as despite the way they treated the other, are kept intact by how much they truly cared for one another. Yet no matter how intense the situations got between the three of them, it was imperative to display that no matter what, Sean and Christian would always find themselves back at square one with their friendship. Their relationship tested to the brink of almost death on both accounts. Either prevailing in a blossomy fashion or withering in a fiery abyss.

Dr. Christian Troy/Julian McMahon: The savvy, street smart one between the two, as his no bullshit approach to life continued to bring him more trouble above anything else. Though unrelenting, he held onto a secret from his childhood in which he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to part from. Despite the handful of interactions with several patients in which his past would be forced to be faced more closely under the knife. However, able to persevere knowing that no matter what, his brother Sean would remain ever faithful by his side. Having an odd relationship with Sean that for better or worse was what made the show so profoundly addictive. Having worked together for the past twenty years and really, the only reason for passing medical school, maintained a certain amount of control over his unacquainted love; for a brother he seemed to resent more than anything.
Having introduced Julia to Sean, he still harbored feelings for her as they shared more than believed at first. Sleeping with an unmanageable amount of women to suffice which eventually catches up with him…on a couple different occasions. Eventually having a son, surviving Cancer and marrying a card carrying lesbian before eventually reaching the same position we see him open the show with. Unchanged, despite the whirlwind of pain having undergone and living to his own advice of enjoying the small comfort felt between two bodies, if only to forget the small knowledge of all just being walking piles of ash.

Dr. Sean McNamara/Dylan Walsh: As the brains and talent behind the office, Sean was often forced to clean up after his partners mess. Experiencing a roller coaster of emotions while in a marriage that had clear indications of being lost within the first love scene shown. Preferring to have as much control over any given situation and often finding himself ‘acting out’ as a means to keep up with Christian’s antics. Happy to carry the extra weight, however threatening almost every season to leave Christian in the dust as a means of showing who would really be lost, should they ever separate. Struggling the most to find his inner voice as his delusions become increasingly worse and eventually begins to corrode when losing everything closest to him.
Involved in a handful of what I considered to be the more riveting of storylines; including an affair with a patient, interactions with Escobar as well as his involvement later in the series with Colleen, once they arrive in Hollywood. Working so well with his partner in that while Sean still strived to believe in the good of humanity, Christian knew better. Sharing a strange relationship with Julia and his “brother” that often changed the status of their partnership at times. Yet despite all the chaos, is able to discover himself once the dust finally settles.

Julia McNamara/Joely Richardson: The woman lucky enough to be caught between two handsome, intelligent Doctors. Who amid all the tail seen throughout the years, was able to hold a dominance over the two, who if only combined in some aspects, would be considered, “the perfect man.” More or less.
Opting out of the glamorous life, she helped put Sean through medical school while raising their children. Full of resentment after ten years and wanting to go back to school; having not been a focus up to that point. Left with the stresses most housewives are destined to endure. With so much left up in the air, a surprise pregnancy wasn’t enough to help maintain her marriage as she finds herself leaving eventually for New York (seasons later) where she finds love from an unexpected source.
Inheriting an evil step-daughter, whose attempt to take her life would have worked, if not for her persistence in finding the root of her illness, despite all those around hers disbelief of such a existence. Strong willed and able to finally stand up for herself in the end, she finds a suitable man whose concern didn’t lay with beauty, any trepidation, or making their family the perfect lie.

Matt McNamara/John Hensley: Initially against playing a teenager at the age of 25, John mentioned that while he thought the script for the pilot was brilliant, if anything, would want to just snag a guest spot for sometime throughout the series. Though truly embodying the poor soul that was his character Matt. Growing up with a heavy burden hanging over his family, Matt’s curiosity grew in a most peculiar way. From early on getting caught by his mother in a threesome to “accidentally” falling in love with a transsexual whose son was his own age. To at his lowest, becoming a full blown meth addict with a future wife; finding himself running for the border to avoid a string of charges in a recent inspiration of thefts, unaware of what other job prospects lay ahead for him. However, despite his naivety, you cannot help but feel the sorriest for him. A product of his parents, who hardly assisted, so consumed in their own drama and disputes to realize the neglect placed upon their happy home. But in the end able to find a love that was best suited for him; dysfunction and all.

Kimber Henry/Kelly Carlson: With little experience before cast in the part, Kelly Carlson came in as the blonde bombshell model whose plot had only consisted of a single episode. With a fascination for the character whose willingness to feel loved would come at an ultimate price. Having initially blown off Christian, until hearing of him being a Doctor, traded one of her many talents at the chance to be the perfect 10 so longing to obtain. Running her game on Christian, who knew all too well of the things left unsaid.
Toyed with and tossed around between the three main male characters, there was almost nothing Kimber wouldn’t put up with. Sacrificing her sanity to try and make Christian happy, it’s only when attacked by the Carver in Season 3 (everyone gets attacked, not a spoiler!) that he relatively “begins” to see the error of his ways. Festering from an addiction so as to mask her pain and diving back into Porn after so many times of hitting rock bottom. She’s the only character who doesn’t find her way, or perhaps, she found the only true way to rid herself of her love. Unable to see anything or anyone else.

Dr. Liz Cruz/Roma Maffia: Known mostly as the conscious around McNamara/Troy, Liz was the long time confidant who had been with the guys through thick and thin. Threatening to leave almost every other time in surgery (Oh, Christian), her round about way of turning her head at the questionable antics of the office made it clear that while she wouldn’t involve herself completely, she was willing to stand by them no matter what. Forever connected to Sean, while sharing a love with Christian that only they seemed to understand. As their ever loyal anesthesiologist and out and proud lesbian, Liz often found herself yelling her boys as though their outright fed up mother. Filled with endless emotions that for better or worse, made her apart of the team along the way.

**It should be dully noted however than while I will try to hit on some of the more important matters within the episodes that by no means, are they an indicator of the actual intricacies of what goes on within the Nip/Tuck universe. Another great thing about the series is that it tends to remain fast paced as far as where it takes its characters. Given so much information at times while growing more disturbingly perfect.

For the fun of it…Drinking Games! Takes shots…
~Anytime Christian screws someone.
~Anytime Liz yells at the two/ orders them to clean up after themselves.
~Double innuendo’s used in direction of the surgeries performed.
~Anytime Julia shakes with anticipation/excitement or makes you think she might fall into a pile of bones.