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Nip/Tuck: Season 1 (2003)

Pilot Written and Directed by Ryan Murphy

What better way to kick off a series than to already display the type of relationship about to endure at McNamara/Troy. As Sean’s forced to swoop in to save Christian’s ass, or rather that of their patient‘s. Needing assistance with a patient who only spoke Spanish, requesting a reconstructive surgery with claims of wanting a fresh start after a failed marriage. However, able to read in between the lines, Christian catches onto Silvio Perez (Geoffrey Rivas) and his brother Alejandro (Raymond Cruz). Who offered 300, 000 as hush money for admitting to being with the bosses daughter as the real reason behind the surgery. The unknown fact being that it was a six-year-old at that.
Having caught Sean at an unfortunate place in his life, besides feeling the need to keep up with Christian’s sex life, his home suddenly felt divided. Feeling left out of everything and threatening to quit the business after feeling of wasting the last decade. Soon enough brought back to reality from his partner and says if going through with, would take him for every penny had; having built that business together.
Christian is introduced to Silvio’s boss, Escobar Gallardo (Robert LaSardo). As Sean gets caught up in the middle of his own situation with the connected parties. Alejandro requesting for Liz to bring him out of an alternate surgery having hired Sean to perform. Telling him that he had just discovered he would be having a daughter and how he had shamed his family. The end result left for the two to clean up as they purchase a most random of products, as alligators tended to be finicky eaters.

*While Julia reminisces watching an old tape of the gang before the marriage, we see her very pregnant, an otherwise impossibility considering when certain events came to play (more to come later on this particular subject)

Episode 2: Mandi/Randi
Written and Directed by Ryan Murphy
After Sean and Christian were forced to clean up the mess that was Silvio Perez, Liz left the office (get used to such) and only returned after Sean offered to double her salary. The two decide a psychiatrist was needed for the office so as to avoid any further incidents with future patients.
Trying out Dr. Pendleton (Kevin Chamberlin) for a handful of consultations. But the moment Sean felt demeaned, replaced with Dr. Grace Santiago (Valerie Cruz); the psychiatrist that recommended twins Randi (Melinda Dahl) and Mandi (Caitlin Dahl). Believing the change would do them some good; they only end up resenting the other. Christian coming forward to offer comfort and support, the only way knowing how. Having Julia walk in on them, after an incident in the previous episode implied that perhaps there had been unfinished business between the two.
Meanwhile, Matt struggles with his confidence, asking to be circumcised though coming to the conclusion that he would have to do the deed himself . No doubt ending disastrously if not for the dumb luck of having a renowned surgeon for a father.

Episode 3: Nanette Babcock
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Lawrence Trilling
New patient Nanette Babcock (Lindsay Hollister) comes in for a consultation. Asking for a complete makeover in preparation for her twenty year High School reunion. Though off her Lithium and a bit on the edgy side, is sure to insist that money would not be a problem. Claiming her surgeries were a necessity if going to make everyone regret the way they treated her back when. Despite Christian initially giving a go, under the suggestion of Dr. Santiago is forced to call and inform Ms. Babcock of the unrealistic expectations had; cancelling the surgery all together. With a follow-up from Dr. Santiago showing a display around her apartment of cutouts from magazines that would give anybody the heebie-jeebies. Nanette arguing that it wasn’t enough to be rejected, long used to it at that point in her life. Only so after she had offered to pay and was still rejected that it became another matter all together.
While frequent and faithful patient Mrs. Grubman (Ruth Williamson) runs into a little trouble while trying to board a plane. Having found a surgical tool left inside her during a recent operation, she threatens to sue McNamara/Troy for all its worth. Unless, they abide by an agreement in which she would be entitled to any operation desired, free of charge.

Episode 4: Sophia Lopez
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Michael M. Robin
Business begins to hurt once colleague Dr. Merrill Boboli (Joey Slotnick) and his billboards make a splash throughout Miami. Presenting a proposition to Christian, though such wouldn’t get as entertaining until Kimber was thrown into the deal.
While Julia decides its time to go back to school, attempting to pick up where left off twenty years prior. Finding it a bit more difficult than thought as the oldest person in class. But even further upon discovery of a former friend from College being the Professor encountering. Who had not only gotten the career but had the happy family to pair alongside with. Introduced to twenty-six year old Jude (Phillip Rhys), who was kind enough to offer comforting words and made for a future study buddy.
Patient Sophia Lopez (Jonathan Del Arco) comes in with wishes to fix a tracheal shave after a shotty Doctor had botched such. Taking on several transgender patients who otherwise wouldn’t be treated elsewhere. Though doing so under the influence and failed at each surgery, with Sean forced to take matters into his own hands.

Episode 5: Kurt Dempsey
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Elodie Keene
Two separate couples come into the office. Mr. Dempsey (Vincent Angell) wanted his new family to accept him, maintaining that if his eyes appeared “slightly more Asian,” that they might get past his race; a main factor. Paying off in the end when though clearly not fooling anybody, able to see the love held if willing to go so far to prove his worth for their daughter.
Ellie Collins (Gabrielle Carteris) however, found that love came in another matter all together. Wherein it involved asking her husband to break her nose, so as to obtain the nose job oh so longing for; with no questions asked. A clear obsession not seen and in turn, making her husband appear as the monster as he has taken a hammer to her nose in order to help accomplish such a task.
Meanwhile Julia discovers she’s pregnant and is told she’d be bedridden for the next seven months, though takes her mid-term regardless and ends up losing the baby.
Lastly introduced to the character of Gina (Jessalyn Gilsig); a ‘former’ sexaholic that would ensure she would be more than just another notch on Christian’s belt.

Episode 6: Megan O’Hara
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Craig Zisk
A personal favorite story of mine as we meet Megan (Julia Warner). A woman who comes in with her husband with the request for breast implants; having lost hers to breast cancer. Unable to provide the children they had always wanted and wanting to give him something for bearing through all the heartache/pain. A small start to the eventual affair she would have with Sean as a shared kiss holds them off for time being. Communication dwindling between him and his son as he finds himself in the middle of situation, unable to see the foreseeable outcome of.
Also a guest appearance from Bliss (Leslie Grossman/or Mary Cherry from Popular). A recent weight loss having left her with ‘wings,’ wishing to rid herself of them before meeting her online boyfriend not yet having met. The outcome truly humorous.
While Christian yet again finds his car vandalized, becoming all too used to breaking Kimber’s heart, who would soon enough become prime suspect number one.

Episode 7: Cliff Mantegna
Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by Scott Brazil
Feeling the need to spice things up between the sheets, Christian suggest for Kimber to attend a swingers party with him that a patient had informed him of. Finding that the voyeurism approach was more his style, watching Kimber play with a couple of girls. Distracted once thought to have seen a familiar face, though coming to find it was Jude (having just requested an internship at McNanara/Troy). Revealing he too, was a swinger or sorts; though asked not to partake in the program after everything. As though it would be the first conflict of interest ever had within the office.
While Julia finds her hands full at home, catching Matt with girlfriend Vanessa (Kate Mara) and other cheerleader Ridley (Sophia Bush) in a ménage à trois. Deciding a parental meeting would be called where the parents were to discuss their children’s latest hobby. A most awkward moment that worsens upon discovery that Ridley and Matt had begun to fall for the other, convinced Vanessa was a full-out “lezzy” and not whom either wanted in the end.

Episode 8: Cara Fitzgerald
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Jamie Babbit
When unable to find any other place to “smoke out,” Matt rides along with pal Henry (Andrew Leeds); as our opening sequence turns into one of those terrible nineties commercials on the dangers of smoking and driving. One minute discussing religion, the next fighting over which station would be heard. Both unaware of the girl they would leave on the side of he road after a seemingly phantom hit and run. Catching an article about the incident later on as Matt visits Cara in the Hospital, discovering the coma she had slipped into.
Dr. Troy getting a dose of reality himself after Ms. Greco (Katy Selverstone) visit’s the office, wishing to get a nose job so as to avoid seeing her father every time she looked into the mirror. With claims that he couldn’t possibly know the pain felt after having her innocence lost; unaware of how much they actually had in common. Other patient Michael Shannon (Jaime McShane) coming into the office with the hopes of removing a “birthmark” in time for his honeymoon. However once Christian catches the news, he discovers that the same man had in actuality been under investigation for taking advantage of a number of boys attending the church he ministered at. Removing such as a means of disclaiming it all together. Scaring him into confessing to the Police as he let Sean know of the pain kept inside from a past best forgotten.

Episode 9: Sophia Lopez Part II
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Nelson McCormick
Having made it quite known of his affection for Kimber, Merrill suggest a trade of the girl of his dreams for his brand new Lamborghini recently purchased. Christian easily forging over the unfulfilled moments to let Merrill swoop in and get the girl. The only problem being that in no way is Kimber attracted to him, doing anything could to try to fulfill Christian’s every sexual fantasy. Including a new game after finding out about the bet. Tying him to the bed and pulling out a knife with the intent of showing him his own imperfections.
Sophia goes back under the knife for her gender assignment surgery, but backs out at the last-minute due to having recently slept with a woman and unsure of current affirmations.
Ending with Sean confessing of his affair with Megan to Matt, the guilt ultimately too much.

Episode 10: Adelle Coffin
Teleplay by Dell Chandler & Ryan Murphy Directed by Michael M. Robin
Recertification’s come up, as every ten years, with a slight stress added for Christian who knowingly got by in medical school with the help of Sean. Added on top of having just botched a surgery, sewing on fingers in the incorrect manner, preferring to just leave it as so with so much work already put in. The pressure building for Sean who begins hallucinations during their exams, his cadaver working on speaking to him on several matters of his life. Making a most difficult decision in assisting Megan with her final wishes. Attending her funeral with Christian and Julia; quite a beautifully emotionally scene as he dumps her ashes into the ocean.
Leading to a confrontation as Julia flat-out asks on the exacts of their Doctor/Patient relationship; trying to justify the affair in claiming knowing about her and Jude’s own affair. Having found a semi nude picture of him hidden within her school book, though stolen rather than attached to any actual misguided intentions deliberately brought upon the marriage. Despite the implications being ever surrounding.

Episode 11: Montana/Sassy/Justice
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed Michael M. Robin
Multiple personality patient Montana (Cheryl White) personally wished to rid herself of the cankles unable to get past. As a separate alter wanted to acquire “smaller boobies,” needing to satisfy such a need if wanting to keep Sassy, along with the other possible seventy-five from emerging.
Gina returns with the news of Christian soon to be a father, fully expecting him to take care of her; on the other end of the coin Julia taking a hair sample of his to affirm thoughts as to the real father of her first-born.
As Cara (Keri Lynn Pratt) begins to recover with Matt attending Prayer club meetings with her, Henry following close behind. Believing that if he were to get on her good side and perhaps even ask her to Prom, that he’d be forgiven. Perhaps a sign that if anything they were meant to be. Though denied after told how it had been Matt who was there every step of her recovery.

Episode 12: Antonia Ramos
Written by Jennifer Salt & Brad Falchuk Directed by Elodie Keene
Six months into her pregnancy, Gina finds herself continuing all the same vices as had from before. As Julia receives a lesson in humanity after finding Sophia had entered her same Pilates class with hopes of maintaining her girlish figure. The rest of the woman in the class boycotting, insisting that they would not be there if feeling so uncomfortable. Julia finally standing up for someone else after deciding she wasn’t going to let them tell her any accepted norms and stands beside here despite the petition to have her out.
Escobar also returns with a couple of girls wishing to have their implants removed. More so due to them being filled with the heroin having smuggled over, each having to do four trips before allowed fully into the states. With a beginning favor for the 300,000 owed to him that was stolen by Silvio. Paying a visit to Sean’s home as a means of explaining exactly how their friendship was going to work.

Episode 13: Escobar Gallardo
Written and Directed by Ryan Murphy
Business continues to be threatened by Merill as he readies himself for marrying Kimber. His head getting so big that he decides to operate on an award-winning dog who was in great danger of having his crown taken. Offered 150,000 to do the surgery and actually surprised when all didn’t go accordingly on the operating table.
Christian, still unaware of the results of Julia’s paternity tests, discovers that Gina may have fibbing about the identity of her child’s real father; no deterring after the amount of emotion already put into such and wishing to stay by her side.
Escobar returns with a new line of work and request for the pair of Doctors having grown so fond of in the last several months. Switching from acquiring kidneys and needing a new face if planning to flee the country. A clever tactic move on Sean’s part and way out of their current situation, though not the last we would see from Escobar.