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 Season 2

Episode 1: Erica Noughton
Written and Directed by Ryan Murphy
The boys are back and entering their 40s as one easily embraces while the other (Sean) remains in silent denial, developing a certain twitch unable to shake. Just in time for Erica’s (Vanessa Redgrave/Julia’s mother) arrival, requesting for her son-in-law to give her youth by performing a facelift. Temporarily diagnosed with yips (loss of motor skills without explanation), Christian takes over as he’s able to reminisce with Erica on their shared night together after Julia’s wedding.
Christian later discovering that his sitter for Wilbur had her ways for putting he baby to bed. Referring to it as a binkatini, dipping the end in cough syrup, unethical behavior he refused to stand for. Celebrating the big 4-0 with his son, asking to be a better father above anything else.

Episode 2: Christian Troy
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Jamie Babbit
After some tedious aerobics in the bedroom, Christian ends up breaking his nose, initially wanting Sean to fix it for him. Though as his yips progressively got worse, Christian consults with another Doctor on the matter and then attempts his own Rhinoplasty. Having no other choice but to assist in on the operation and help Sean through it, assisting in giving him back a sliver of confidence.
With Matt called into the Police station and asked to give a statement concerning the incident occurring several months prior with Cara. Henry taken in after having assaulted and raped the poor girl, unable to take rejection once believing her to be the savior from his disastrous past. Lastly seen under oath and outright lying about the involvement in the situation.

Episode 3: Manya Mabika
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Elodie Keene
A victim of female genital mutilation back in Somalia, modeling had assured Manya (Aisha Tyler) of one thing amongst American woman. That above anything else, they seemed to enjoy sex most of all. Asked to be given a citreous/orgasm; whichever could come first. Something one would think Christian would be able to manage, claiming “If I build it, she will come.” Yet coming up short on both ends after a successful surgery brings unsuccessful results.
Liz comes to the rescue however, suggesting that Manya spend some time alone time for a bit, needing to know herself above anyone else. As Sean begins to find his own trouble within he bedroom, catching Julia finishing herself off after claims of such already achieved.
Things heat up between Christian and Gina as she sees how good he was with Wilbur and decides she wants another; with or without his help. Orchestrating a gang bang assembly line (I mean, WTF right) as Christian’s forced to take her son away until the biological father was found, deciding he would step in himself.
Finally introduced to life coach Ava Moore (Famke Jannsen) whose involvement in the season and eventual series is enthralling the further you dig into her past. Personally believing that Jannsen is certainly a favorite among my list of underrated Actresses. Shining in the series as the oozing confidence sex pot who carried quite the secret under her belt. Using her words wisely and knowing exactly what it was in life she wanted, for the time being at least.

Episode 4: Mrs. Grubman
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Jamie Babbit
As Annie reaches puberty, Julia calls in the assistance of Suzanne, who had already done several “menses parties” for the girls in the neighborhood. Everything seemingly well until story time came and Suzanne made the McNamara’s extremely uncomfortable, putting a stop to their party all together.
Ms. Grubman later confessing at a consult of her addiction to surgery, inventing some sap story on how her daughter had been diagnosed with Cancer and that she needed to feel strong if she was going to help her in the recovery process. Though the stroke had during the operation would force her to forever see the errors of her vanity, left with a mess of regrets and broken promises.
A custody battle ensuing for Gina and James (Georg Stanford Brown), who at first agreed to help Christian gain parental rights of the child birthed with Gina. But after some time spent with the child, decides to put up a fight easily won, considering Gina’s “mother of the year” antics.

Episode 5: Joel Gideon
Written by Brad Fulchuk Directed by Nelson McCormick
Beginning with Sean getting into an accident, it turns into a job offer for a car company that asks for assistance with their safety features. Sparking a sense of wanting to escape his shell and venture out into new possibilities. His recent stream of misadventures calling it quits once swimming with sharks was a little too up close and personal.
Christian, on the other hand, continues to battle for a child that no matter how much anyone could see he cared for, in no way had any real say in the matter. Even choosing to side with Gina so long as it meant a step in the right direction was at least had. Despite the mountainous evidence proving the lack of sense when coming to a couple different aspects in both personal lives. In the end, the Sutherlands win custody over the child, which decide to rename the baby Gabriel. Distraught and completely broken, he goes to Julia for comfort who cannot take seeing him in that manner, coming clean about Matt being his actual child.

Episode 6: Bobbi Broderick
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Michael M. Robin
Liz mulls over the possibility of having a child with Christian offering the supporting role if unable to successfully try on her own. Deciding to take him up on his offer after considering how many woman could only wish for a donor of his stature.
We also see more from Ava, who would become a greater character for the remainder of the season. She has this presence and beauty that’s so bold, despite her often small roles. Holding a confidence in the delivery of her lines that always makes for a fascinating character to watch. Using her power of manipulation and great sex appeal, she seduces Matt while using the bargaining tool of bringing his French grade up; a firm believer in the power of persuasion.

Episode 7: Naomi Gaines
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Craig Zisk
Bobbi Broderick returns after a botched surgery from our dynamic duo, determined to drive them out of business. Going to many extreme lengths to prove her insanity when as it turned out, she hadn’t listened to a word they said and in fact, done quite the opposite of ensuring a proper recovery was had.
Hearing the first mention of The Carver; a prominent character of the third season. Victim Naomi (Leslie Bibb) is attacked inside her home, told that beauty was a curse on the world. As an intention for harm goes to some good as she speaks on their behalf, making the public aware of the kindness from the Doctors; her scars covered pro-bono.
Sean and Julia discover Matt’s newest relationship, deciding to have her over for dinner along with her son. Adrian (Seth Gabel) growing jealous of what was taken out of his hands, outwardly speaking as a conflict ensues, Ava getting the last word.

Episode 8: Agatha Ripp
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Michael M. Robin
The fellas are a bit taken aback once visited by Agatha and hearing her story. Taken in by the church for her, stigmata, attracting a certain amount of attention that had not been warranted. With claims they were self-induced and that she wasn’t anything to praise. Meant as a way for the Church to take her in yet attracting entirely too much attention as those felt she had been sent from God. A discussion of having to be aware of false prophets arising as while in recovery, more marks (on her ankles) appear. Everything coming about once the dust has settled, learning it was almost better to give the people something to believe in; ignorance being bliss at times the better approach.
Problems in Liz’s pregnancy arise as she aborts the child without letting Christian know at first; afraid of what his response to the handicap. His response a surprise as he stated regardless of how the baby was born, he would have loved them endlessly.

Episode 9: Rose and Raven Rosenberg
Written by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk Directed by Elodie Keene
We immediately begin in couples therapy, as even professionals need help staying together at times; discussing the possibility of splitting up and continuing on without the other. For both, along with a handful of other medical professionals would soon be working on a historical surgery with Rose (Lori Schappell) and Raven (Reba Schappell) Rosenberg. Reflecting between the two stories as we learn more of the girls and how their decision to separate was due solely in hopes that it would relieve the stress from chemo therapy for Rose.
Sean fairly certain he would be fine without Christian, seeing as how he was the talent. Though others trying to make him aware of the damage that could be done from splitting after so long, stating any needed statistics with claims of pushing past the problems ultimately, the better approach. Seeing as how mid-surgery an unexplained event turns into Christian losing Raven. Her sister following close behind, despite no initial reason to indicate such would occur. Other than the inclination of knowing her other half was no longer with her. Hitting the hardest with Sean, as a solution would come best in the form of Julia or rather, as close as they could get. Living out a long fulfilled fantasy while the two stayed in their old dorm.

Episode 10: Kimber Henry
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Nelson McCormick
Kimber’s back and at the top of her A game, in Porn that is. Having gained enough publicity that the next series of “Real Dolls” would include her very own modeled version; trouble with one particular aspect of it all. And her company shelling out 50,000 in order to obtain…well, a pussy mold. Using the, “fitting” in order to confide within Sean of whether she truly was as inept as everyone perceived. My words, naturally. Claiming to see what those around Christian refused to believe was there all along. However wither way, said logic moving right out the door when Sean finds that the only thing that cold tend to his lonely needs was Kimber, in more ways than one.

Episode 11: Natasha Charles
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Greer Shephard
Natasha Charles (Rebecca Gayheart) had no problem tuning into her other senses, seeing as the one she lacked is one quite taken for granted. Wishing to acquire a bit of color in her eyes; if unable to see, at least not wanting others to stare for all the wrong reasons. Exchanging in flirty ways with her Doctor but finding that regardless of her looks and good intentions, men were rather clear by that point what they had wanted from her.
Meanwhile Julia finally goes through with the breast augmentation desiring early in the series, a wretched mess once alls said and done. Her mothers ill attempt to care for her leaves her mixing medication and falling through a glass door of which requires surgery.

Episode 12: Julia McNamara
Written by Ryan Murphy & Hank Chilton Directed by Michael M. Robin
The duo performs surgery on Julia after her incident as we’re taken into a dream for the remainder of the episode. Led by Ava, showing life had she married Christian. Vastly different in all areas of her life. An open relationship with her husband in which Kimber was merely a play thing of theirs. Maintaining a power relationship with her mother, undermining her at any given moment.
Unable to reproduce, having waited so long, yet hearing of a ‘old friend’ fairing quite different. Finding Sean had somehow ended up with Megan with Matt as their own. Working for habitat for humanity and displaying his distaste as Julia makes a pass at him. With worse news impending, closing on a flat line.

Episode 13: Oona Wentworth
Written by Sean Jablonski & Jennifer Salt Directed by Scott Brazil
Merrill is found slithering within the back of a nail salon, cutting profits on what he considered to be the future; Bobotox. Though Christian catches on and as a friend, first tries to help him seek out help. Taking him to a meeting wherein he sees a girl having interest in, denied once again as it is Christian who is approached, Merrill refusing to let that denial come again; at any price. A confrontation ensuing in which almost leaves one half of McNamara/Troy scarred for life. The addiction streaming from their fellow colleagues habits fairing in their own favor as it would be a while before able to hurt anyone on the operating table.

Episode 14: Trudy Nye
Written by Hank Chilton Directed by Elodie Keene
A hilarious intro as we find Christian on a date with Natasha (Gayheart), who while in the vehicle has it stripped right in front of her, dancing away as with no indication of the reality at hand. Using such as an excuse for a breakup and finding his way back to Kimber, who had as well just started dating Sean. Happy to have a reason to call things quits.
As future patient Trudy Nye confides in the Doctors of needing to fix her nose, thought the initial hit occurred five years prior. Explaining how her husband had been in jail, not only to blame for the hit but as well throwing a toy at their child’s head, causing him to bleed to death. Terrified of his return yet foolish enough to run back to his side.

Episode 15: Sean McNamara
Written by Brad Fulchuk Directed by Michael M. Robin
After the Carver sneaks into Sean’s house and paralyzes him, he explains that it was really he that was the monster. Destroying his hard work and leaving him with a reminder of who exactly rocked the cradle. Just as new Doctor Quentin Costas (Bruno Campos) arrives, Christian still shaken up from his own incident.
A beautiful irony created from this point on between the characters.
While Christian gets news from Gina of her contracting HIV, able to spend time with both her and eventually “Gabriel.”

Episode 16: Joan Rivers
Written and Directed by Ryan Murphy
The Queen of surgery request going under the knife for one final operation. Wishing to have every one of her previous incisions reversed in hopes of achieving a more natural look. Wanting to portray to her grandson to know all the glitz and glam wasn’t needed to obtain happiness. Quickly discarded after a computer generated image showed what that may look like.
Visions resurfacing for Sean in surgery as Escobar teases and eggs him on; the two having riveting interactions throughout the series. A constant devil’s advocate to the many displeasing moments Sean experiences. Eventually leaving with Christian to find Ava’s surgeon and coincidentally, husband. Dr. Barrett Moore (Alec Baldwin). Hearing the tale of a young Ava, better known as Avery Tanner; escort to some of the wealthiest society woman around, assisting in any philanthropic causes. Transforming himself into a perfect female form; though Barrett found himself unable to come to terms with such once too late. The Docs offering a deal with Ava for her last operation if agreeing to flee the country. ***

I’ve found that with a lot of series in their second season is when they tend to peak, or rather, when some of the better story-lines seem to churn out. However, they certainly do a better job of attaining ones attention this time around, adding to the immense curiosity that would come with the next season. Although if I had to see one more shot of them at the dinner table with imposed knowledge of everything being okay, I would have carved their faces myself!
Sean’s psychological mind begins to slip as we see him often have conversations with his subconscious, in various forms of his surrounding circumstances. Finding that as gratifying as the rewards could be in their business that he was looking for something more. Somewhere he could make a difference and not be known more-so for the amount of tit jobs done in one year. The gratification coming with certain sacrifices unwilling to foreseeable anticipate.