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 Season 3

Episode 1: Momma Boone
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Elodie Keene
Weeks had passed as Christian found himself still shaken up from his interaction with the Carver. Just as a new Detective had flown in to assist with the case, forcing Sean to find a new partner for what seemed the foreseeable future. Dealing with Julia, who finally could let go two years later, confronting Sean on finalizing their divorce.
Using the needed time away to help out Momma Boone, who had sat in her house, within her own soil for the last three years. Those around her having done whatever asked, refusing to see the damage caused as she’s taken in to be operated on. Sean doing what could to graft as much skin as possible however in the end, far too late for such a process.

Episode 2: Kiki
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Elodie Keene
Christian seemed back to normal, involved in a healthy relationship with Kimber and Kit…of who seemed to enjoy playing Devil’s advocate. Sure to whisper sweet nothings of how it was she should be treated.
Meanwhile Matt attempts to locate Ava, going to her place and finding Adrian’s body stabbed and left to rot. His parents having no choice but to reveal in Ava’s actually identity, relinquishing a bit of humility to his grandmother while smoking out of a bong. Confused so far as unsure of what that might say about his sexuality, he later visit’s a transgender bar and picks up a girl. Or at least, what he had thought she was though found to be a pre-op, releasing a frustration that would bid its time in catching up with him.

Episode 3: Derek, Alex, and Gary
Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by Craig Zisk
In the midst of Christian’s absence, surgeon Quentin Costas (Bruno Campos) had been hired as a means of picking up the slack around the office. Joining Christian in his return to a fraternity house to help fix a prank gone awry. Thanked with an invitation to a party later that night. Spending equal time with Sean as the invite turns into an evening with them and a couple girls in one of the bedrooms. Feeling uncomfortable (Sean) as a haunting wink gets under his skin, Quentin later outstays his welcome when a night out with Christian and his gals only then starts to feel like too much once he night progresses; not an ultimate fan of sharing.

Episode 4: Rhea Reynolds
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Greer Shephard
Displayed are two different tales of two very different woman, yet with the same intent of being noticed. For Ellie (K Callan) had wished to shave of a couple years in hopes of her husband recalling her very existence. Obtaining Alzheimer’s right around the time she immersed herself in her work and wished to get back that lost connection.
While Rhea (Tara Buck), had went a bit more on the extreme side, marking her face as though attacked by the carver. Wishing to go to McNamara/Troy and share her story of how he had secretly helped her; marked as one of the ‘beautiful’ ones. However during surgery something with the anesthesia went wrong and Rhea is able to feel every pinch, every stitch. Including the conversation on how they all thought such was self inflicted as it was. Which she planned to sue them for if not visited later in recovery from the true killer. Not admiring the copy cat skills, murdering for the first and only time.

Episode 5: Granville Trapp
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
With a murder to deal with, Kit comes down hard on Christian, whose linked to the crime scene once strong evidence is found within her apartment. Showing him video of Kimber’s arrest and unrelenting stories giving reasons to go forth with such. Having done her research on the Doc, she’s sure to state the many correlations had between him and serial killers as well. Kneading into him with the final blow coming about his birth mother and what he had been a product of. Told that he’d be best to just sign the confession, he finally gives in, though with a means of luring in the actual killer. Not long after released once it seemed not only had the Carver struck again, but that he had made his latest attack a bit more personal.

Episode 6: Frankenlaura
Written by Hank Chilton Directed by Michael M. Robin
As the Docs are called into a mortuary, its discovered that he had been keeping the place as some sort of storage unit. Storing four bodies within the room, simply limbs at that point as he was looking to find matches that for a head that had ‘belonged’ to him. The Docs having found that the head had been his sisters, preserving as a means of further spending time with her; leaving the rest for your imagination.
Meanwhile Gina approaches Julia with a business proposition. Stating that while Christian seemed to be struggling with his income, Sean seemed to be getting along rather fine. Proposing that if Julia invested her money she could receive it back within a matter of years.
The counter offer coming in the form of opening a business together and splitting the profits down the middle. Creating a presentation to show the guys of how their recovery spa could be partnered with their business and the benefits that could come with having such. Either way, Sean showing distaste in the idea, as Liz shows her support by leaving the pair as a means of joining the ladies in something she actually could stand behind.

Episode 7: Ben White
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
Mr. White had grown into quite the accomplished Architect over the years. Feeling complete in almost every aspect of his life except for one. Suffering from BIID; feeling as though he had been carrying around a extra limb from the age of 5. Quentin having approved of the surgery though Christian would firmly refuse, believing that after a change of heart was sure to occur. Told from Mr. White that whether agreeing to or not, a backup plan was insured in order to get the job done.
While Sean speaks with the FBI concerning assisting in the Witness Protection Program. Helping Nicole (Anne Heitch) and her son by changing a handful of traits after getting to know a bit more about the two. Furthering his involvement in later episodes as Julia stays busy maintaining the Spa; aspiring for a signature product to help boost their revenue. Coming in the form of a rather unusual ingredient combined with lavender and alcohol and catching the eye of Joan Rivers who agrees to market the product for half the proceeds.

Episode 8: Tommy Bolton
Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by Guy Ferland
Things continue to get serious with Sean and his utter fascination of Nicole and her son. Who seemed to share such a comfort, running to his place after the surgery where he decides to let them stay the remainder of the week before forced to leave.
Matt catching Quentin having spent the night at his mother’s house, storming off to his fathers to find that the action seemed rather popular at the time. Unsure of which parental unit to be more irate with.
While Christian tries meeting up with his mother once again, offering any elected surgery; free of charge. Even going so far as to speak with the college her other son was interested in attending. But discovering in the end, that try as he might, her only wish was to rid herself of their involvement together. Convinced he belonged in the past with the mistake that happened along with.

Episode 9: Hannah Tedesco
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Michael M. Robin
Hannah Tedesco was the unfortunate receiver of having had her hair caught within the Ferris wheel while in motion. Undergoing 118 graphs thus far and otherwise, meeting a mother whose daughter had been in a coma, deciding she had wanted to donate her face; a touching story that was pretty heartbreaking all around.
Sean enjoying his time with Nicole a little bit too much and makes the decision that he would run away with them. Almost willing to undergo surgery to change his appearance. That is, until hearing the truth behind why Nicole had been in Witness Protection, having killed her own husband.

Episode 10: Madison Berg
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Greg Yaitanes
The attention gears back onto Matt, who had recently changed his look, catching a lot of looks from those around school. Most notably from racist and dearly deprived Ariel (Brittany Snow), whose presence in the show would mark Matt’s second transformation. Asking to speak with his father after hearing of him being a plastic surgeon, in disagreement with the degradation and support of helping other races hide their true colors. Referencing anytime they helped change a Jewish’s girls nose or the slant in an Asian’s persons eyes in order to appear more Anglo. Stating she considered herself a purist rather than a racist, piercing Matts ear before introducing him to her parents. Who were rather fond of the boy they believed Mat to be.
As the final motions set into play for Christian and Kimber’s wedding (having asked twice before finally saying yes) it seemed imperative to Gina, that she get one last jab in. A note left in lipstick on the mirror in hopes that it could ever suffice.

Episode 11: Abby Mays
Written by Hank Chilton Directed by Michael M. Robin
After the wedding, Kimber goes missing for days at hand; something not too many people seem concerned with. Christian, least of another else. Moving on to a patient by the name of Abby, who simply wanted to appear with more sex appeal to the outside world. All the while shamelessly hitting on Christian who agrees to have her come over that night. Unaware that once arriving the conditions would entail dawning a paper bag over her head if still willing to sleep with the Doc. Shameless indeed. The killer taking a next step by sending Christian something memorable to the office with a familiar marking. A serial number attached to a pair of bloody implants that could only belong to one person.
As the episode is mixed in with a small yet essential side story with Corporal Oliver Brandt (Bryce Johnson), who desired to fix his face after acquiring injuries while over seas. Choosing to instead be one of the ‘faces’ for the military, but getting a bit more than bargained for after finding Quentin akin to his likings. Who of which, had been dating Julia for the past month. As their caught by Sean, who doesn’t exactly get the response granted once running back to Julia with the information.

Episode 12: Sal Perri
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine
Julia’s world comes crashing down all around her, in a alarming overwhelming amount. First in her personal relationship as Quentin gets a little mouthy while assisting at their spa De La Mer. Then taking a turn for the disastrous when hearing of the plane that her mother had a boarded, crashed. The last things said to her regrettably so, could have been better. Getting a hold of Sean as fast as able and arriving to the immediate area of attention so as to assist in any matter seeing fit. A shortage of hands, the only thing ensured.
Limbs found displaced all over as Kimber’s ‘ghost’ haunted Christian on the victims he helped. Having believed to have found Erica among the rubble, Julia gives her goodbye while assisting in her passing by placing a pillow over her head, short last gasps of air escaping her lungs. Yet finding the biggest surprise of the day waiting for her at home.

Episode 13: Joy Kringle
Written by Sean Jablonski & Jennifer Salt
Tis the season to get, matching lipo! Or something like that. The Kringles come into the office and agree that after 20 years of playing The Klaus’, some freshening up was in order. Putting all their effort into their work with no such luck on conception. Discovering during surgery that the misses had apparently been hiding something for the past, perhaps entire length of their marriage! Having lost a baby thru an affair, while it remained inside her. Straying as a result of dedication put into other aspects their life, yet unable to undo the past after all was said and done.
As Matt entertained his psychotic girlfriend, recently disgusted by a novelty display at school with plans to ruin. Finding out while working on a school project that she wasn’t solely Anglo as believed to be. Asking for a bleaching cream Matt’s father was sure to have, becoming so fixated that she doesn’t take notice initially to the burning sensation that overcomes her after application. Attempting to pawn off the heinous act on another once caught and receiving first degree burns from the incident.

Episode 14: Cherry Peck
Written by Brad Falchuk & Hank Chilton Directed by Craig Zisk
Cherry (the transgender that hits on Matt earlier on) comes into McNamara/Troy with high expectations on how she should look after receiving her brutal attack. Informing them how it would be for free as well considering, countered with an offer of turning her in for the counter attack; Matt asking his father in the end to do it to make amends.
While Kimber is found, the poor doll left with burnt skin, scars everywhere and having had anti-lipo, Christian comes to her side promising to restore her back to pristine condition as originally created. Discussing with him how ugly he had made her feel in all their years together.
Just as it had been Quentin’s turn to be brought in for questioning, his proof in being innocent coming with showing them how unable he was to perform such a task; a covert eunuch.

Episode 15: Quentin Costa
Written and Directed by Ryan Murphy
It seems the Carver had bigger plans, hitting a sorority house next, with one girl in particular recalling a fake strap on being seen at one point. Putting Quentin back into play if not for immediately finding him tied in bed with the words ‘I cant stop’ written in blood above him. Both men operating on him and finding that there seemed an apparent inconsistency in the cuts. Both men kidnapped as the Carver would have one last lesson for the Docs before able to make his inevitable escape. Ending up in Spain with one other character with relations unable to see coming for a true twist at the end.
Ariel and her father having flew entirely too far over the Cuckoo’s nest, decide to kidnap Matt and Cherry, doing a terrible number on the two that force them to a showdown involving a number of terrible choices that end in murder. Going through Hell and almost losing their lives but making it in the end, having been there for the other considering their previous encounters.

The cast and crew behind the series in agreement that this season was by far he darkest, and least liked among the show. However Ryan Murphy had stated that he had been going through a dark period and as with any good writer, it simply leaked into his work. However, I liked the aspect of having a familiar character parading throughout the season and how they began to introduce him slowly in the second season. And while there is certainly a darker tone to this season, it worked as far as the color palettes and themes used for the characters progressions. Though the patients stories did lack a bit for myself this time around, there are always several that are sure to stick out. As we also enter the next seasons with new owners of McNamara/Troy that is sure to take the Docs in what would be the next phase of their life.