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Season 6

Episode 1: Don Hoberman
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Brad Falchuk
We open the season in documentary form; as a means of speeding through the past six months with the boys having officially having hit rock bottom. Business otherwise subsiding and with the heartbreaking news to Liz about her already failed marriage, it seemed a plot was brewing in which she planned to come out the victor in the end.
Just as we get used to Teddy’s new face (they never even touch on the matter) who was assisting in Sean’s ever-growing debt. Demands for a getaway here and fancy set of jewelry there. They find solutions in two outlets. The first being to invite Dr. Mike (Mario Lopez) to their practice after running into him and finding that not only had business flourished after selling Christian’s old condo and taking the time to be a floater amongst offices. But that he was able to persuade them into making an infomercial in which they discussed a new operation acquired for woman to come in and feel, rejuvenated. Kimber stepping in to assist while she brought along a business proposition of her own, newly certified for electrolysis; though the boys couldn’t take on anymore additions to their practice.
With Liz hiring one of the best lawyers in the city to rob Christian blind of half his possessions as some means of teaching him that he couldn’t just use people like the paper he wiped his arse with. Finally, Sean takes drastic measures to help in his inability to fall asleep.

Episode 2: Enigma
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by John Scott
Having taken a bit too many sleeping pills, Sean’s insomnia still couldn’t be helped. Missing his kids who were racking up his bills in New York while things with Teddy kept spiraling down, breaking off their per engagement off.
Christian, finding himself in a rut having not helped his case by pushing Liz into the water after hearing of her plans to burn his boat. Decides to go to Kimber with a plan of assisting in some manner of stepping into the Porno industry. Making a mold of his, member, as a means of marketing it in part of the new sex toy line for the former Porn Goddess. Liz, condemns Kimber upon seeing her race back to him once again though in the end, decides to let go of her anger; seeing what it had done to her, why he was so angry and not wanting to hold onto that feeling any longer.
Meanwhile patient Enigma comes to some agreement pertaining to the satanic scars etched into his face while taking a deadly turn after all is said and done.

Episode 3: Briggette Reinhart
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Dirk Craft
McNamara (because clearly, will never learn) is happier than ever to be showing off his new wife (Teddy) of which he had just fired and broke up with a couple of days prior. Prepping for a surgery when she’s recognized by Ms. Reinhart as Dixie. Convinced that everyone around there was crazy, knowing full well a face when she saw one (really…I want an explanation for such!). Forced to take drastic measures with the leeches brought along for her recovery that do its job of sucking out five times its weight in blood. Annie heads down to spend time with her father as he discovers a rare disorder she’d developed due to all the chaos amid her life. A suggestion from Teddy coming for Conor to join them for the summer as a way of, getting ‘close,’ despite such a thought forming almost directly after hearing of his life insurance policy soon to double.
Christian, ever so kind as to give Mike some hints on how to keep Kimber, suggest the thing that she adored most; cross-dressing as a means of fulfilling her every need. Something Mike not only went along with but was actually giving credit for; nothing a selfish Christian would surly consider doing.

Episode 4: Jenny Juggs
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Jesse Bochco
As stated in the lists of things Matt had wasted his money on as of late, we suddenly catch up and discover exactly how profitable his new profession happened to be. However, sadly excited for the world that was mime, Matt found it to be a beautiful language. Able to pay rent and provide for his daughter yet failing to mention in the actual truth behind his profits. Using his profession as a way of robbing stores, clearing the boardwalk of any other such entertainers, in fear they too would be swept up and questioned.
While Teddy was busy setting up the McNamara’s camping trip of which was where we find her scheming ways working into overtime. Almost not even going due to Annie’s foul attitude but able to set her plan into full motion if not for Jerry (Matthew Glave). Who would accidentally run into Teddy, otherwise a random interaction that would prove not entirely such in all due time.

Episode 5: Abigail Sullivan
Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by John Scott
The cat comes out of the bag as Matt’s fathers discover him to indeed being the mime robbing convenience stores. Nearly fatally wounded, they’re able to patch him up. Despite him eavesdropping on a rather personal conversation had about needing for Matt to know his parents couldn’t always be there to clean up his mess for him. He’s able to make a dash before they implement their plan, grudgingly making his rounds before ending up with Kimber; having persuaded him to tag along with. Christian, however, getting his wish in the end.
Making matters worse as Sean hears of his wife’s heart, then head found; with thanks to Jerry. Who shared his wife’s devious plan just before detailing in how he disposed of her; having offered to share in the insurance money sure to obtain soon enough. Later discovering of her past four husband’s and the money gathered from each and every death.
Patient Abigail coming in to discuss with the Docs her sister Moira, who she had absorbed in utero; her parasitic twin. From a young age taught to indulge in her mother’s elaborate fantasy of Moira being an actual person. Finally getting the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. Though the half of her life spent on a figment was all too much as she couldn’t help herself; needing a piece of her sister in order to go along with such a feat.

Episode 6: Alexis Stone
Written by Hank Chilton Directed by Tim Hunter
After Sean’s suicide attempt, Erica comes back to diagnose and psychoanalyze his past endeavors having led to this point. If making the suggestion to leave now, a completely unprofessional decision would hold her accountable. Further deciding upon taking custody of the kids with intention of going to court. And her new husband taking any measures to ensure such would occur.
Things moving to the next step with Kimber and Mike as he purchases a five caret ring with thoughts of proposing getting him fired in the process. But the boys go to share a drink as Christian’s eventually left to mingle with the bartender, Ms. Stone (Candis Cayne). Blowing his mind a bit later and sending the surgeon for a whirlwind of emotions after the discovery of she having been a he, wishing to be what he once was again. However, despite the potential risks, Alexis decides to go through with such, hoping to as well change Christian’s mind on letting her make things up to him after all he had done for her.

Episode 7: Alexis Stone II
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by John Scott
Things for Matt in jail had begun to take a turn for the worst. After being sold out by his fathers and testifying against his parents as a favor to Erica, it seemed he had recently become someone’s…lady. Who had obtained life in prison and in turn, wished to trade Matt’s safety for some surgeries needed in order to maintain his newly feminine duties. Though one of her father’s (Christian) contributes ten grand as a way of moving him to another part of the prison, the abuse not only continues. But worsens as he’s given little time to correct such, while plotting something on the side as a just in case.

Episode 8: Lola Wlodkowski
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Eric Stoltz
After irate with Mike and insisting he stop kissing her ass, Kimber asks him to leave. Ridding herself of the tattoo of him she had gotten and running right back to Christian. Beginning to date as he cheats with Lola, a plus sized card-carrying hetero that refused to take no for an answer. Delusions of fantasy created as we get to see Kimber go Timber before Christian realizes what he had given into. Mouthing off to Lola and almost convincing her to have a tummy tuck, if not interrupted by her ‘Adam and Eve’ pals.
Sean, unsatisfied in his love life, receives a stripper gram from his best pal. Consulting with the Barbie and Ken couple, wishing to rid themselves of further erroneous zones on their body. Sean, unsure of what to think of the situation, becomes infatuated with the woman and ends up showing her the error of her choices; Ken making his own discoveries in the meantime.

Episode 9: Benny Nilsson
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by John Scott
As though some completely unforeseen event, Christian discovers that he owes the IRS and wouldn’t be able to screw his way out of this mess. Further upset at how Sean’s brother had seemed to stroll right into town, finding his way to Sean’s rather quickly. Recovering from an otherwise obvious meth addiction and asking if his brother could rid him of the scars. But Christian knew better, not trusting him and refusing to let him stay with them. In the end being the one that ensured he didn’t stick around to screw up Sean’s life.
Also taking interest in Benny’s story as he comes into the office with his adopted father who stated his son wished to have more attributes resembling him. To feel as though actual blood, when in reality what was going on behind the curtain was a sick display of perversion.

Episode 10: Wesley Clovis
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Tate Donovan
They bring in Wesley (Eric Stonestreet) who was being charged with the rape and murder or a young girl he had encountered while in his apartment building. Not seeming capable after conversing with such, though initially sent to get rid of some excess fat in order to go through with his execution (lethal injection). Always meant for exchange in shortening Matt’s sentence, Sean couldn’t find himself okay with that aspect with the more delinquent father coming through for him tin the end.
Too preoccupied with the news of Kimber being pregnant, fully aware of not wanting anymore children, he says he’ll marry her only if she went through with an abortion. Which means, in true Kimber fashion, that she runs back to Mike to try to make it seem as though the baby had been his. In the end, loving the male version of her too much and having the abortion, which would enable her from having any other children in the future; regardless.
As Matt hides the fact that Wesley actually hadn’t been the one to murder that girl, taking the fault for such in the end.

Episode 11: Dan Daly
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Elodie Keene
Things begin to look on the bright side for the boys as they win the Albert Poland Award. Christian taking that as their office needing to be remolded beyond belief. The decorator having more than just their designs to worry about, newly discovering that she too could be expecting a little Christian. Getting the vasectomy needed long ago.
Going back in time a bit as we view the origins of them from college. Traveling back to Miami to accept the award and staying in their own dorm while enjoying the envy of all their peers. Sean running into an old friend, Curtis (George Newbern) and remembering the turn their friendship took due to his partner of the past twenty-five years.
Recalling the distrust as he cheated off his final paper, flunking them both and the cause of him not going to Harvard would he planned on perusing charity work with Curtis.

Episode 12: Willow Banks
Written by Bard Falchuk Directed by Tim Hunter
More than comfortable in his marriage to begin letting himself go, Christian  begins eating his emotions and getting back to his old habits of letting his little head do all the thinking for him. Meeting Ms. Banks, who had come for a consultation, obsessed with wanting to appear less attractive. Yes, you read that correctly. Tired of being judged on her looks her entire life and wishing to reach any heights in order to acquire such normalcy. Having previously modeled, she begins hanging out with Christian, who as well know the ‘troubles’ associated with being criticized solely on beauty. Eating copious amounts of junk food, it isn’t enough as unforeseen circumstances put Willow in harm’s way. Finally able to call herself “ugly,” she finds herself at the mercy of Dr. Troy.

Episode 13: Joel Seabrook
Written by Hank Chilton Directed by Tate Donovan
The Docs meet a patient whose attempt to commit suicide failed; his change of heart coming a  mere jump too late. Sean bringing up Christian’s unfortunate no-stop endeavors in regard to Kimber, having what he finally wanted and still not faithful and pressing his luck. Being another patient that gives him the idea for an erotic affixation most people would be uncomfortable with. Something Kimmy can’t bear to get into; causing her husband to try out further drastic measures. Found later within their apartment, hanging by the shower in an attempt to achieve the same, high.
Ultimately finding a truth of not wanting to be with Kimber, knowing deep down he should be alone, certainly not good for the woman too willing to do it all and more. Crawling her way back to Mike and his yacht full of women. Having long forgotten about the love he shared for her and treating her as wished, with accordance to their last encounter. Making a rather final solution for herself, abused beyond belief and unable to press on.

Episode 14: Shelia Carlton
Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine Directed by Craig Zisk
Kimber’s mother arrives into town after the coast guard had called off the search. Brandie (Melanie Griffith), just wishing she could have been around for her daughter that much more, the characteristics being too overwhelming for the mourning husband. Tending to the mother’s needs in ways he couldn’t to Kimbers as her ghost haunts him, taunting him.
Sean having told Curtis he would accompany him to Africa right before Kimmy’s death and changing his mind though only for the time being. Deciding and implanting any details into the next trip, Sean meets Curtis’ wife (Christine Adams) and enjoys a night out that she tries to take farther.  Confessing to his partner in wanting to help in areas that actually needed his assistance. Unfulfilled with the tit jobs accumulated at this point. Accused of the opposite when confronted by his so thought friend.

Episode 15: Virginia Hayes
Written and Directed by Hank Chilton
A ghost comes back to haunt the boys as Escobar’s daughter comes in, now aged fifteen; wishing to know what had happened to the uncle having stolen her innocence. Grandeur illusions of Escobar and his past coming to light as after confessing of the true nature of his disappearance, is surprised when she goes to Police with such information. An investigation opening with little to no luck on connecting any dots as far as the Docs were concerned.
Ms. Hayes storming into the office in hopes of finding the woman posing as her for the past three years. Spending her time driving a Lexus, selling some sap story and using whatever means to go through life with the occasional perk. Trying to run once again, though thwarted as Christian knows her game all too well and trades a lie for the same. The real Virginia feeling the need for her own justice and leaving a mess for the boys. An unfortunate trend they’ve seem to fall into in all their years together.

Episode 16: Christian Troy II
Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Diana Valentine
Daniella Crighton (Lesley Fera) from Penkala Pharmaceuticals comes in offering a new anesthesia. Shamelessly flirting with Liz and asking her out to dinner, despite a recent separation from her husband. Claiming to be, going through a phase, yet rather receptive of Liz’s best intentions later on that night.
While Sean had introduced himself to Jill Jacobson (Rowena King) the competition who had been using injectables as a way of showing people how out of date plastic surgery was. Sean feeling enamored once trying it out for himself, hiring her on the spot, however his partner not as enthusiastic and doing what he did best. Finding his way to her office and ridding her of all her patients almost immediately. Especially upon discovery that not only was their return needed every six weeks but that the results couldn’t even be considered definitive. Deciding to help out his own practice by filming a surgery of his to be uploaded, he dreams of something more from the depths of his vanity. An array of people from his past brought forward to mock and humiliate him while forcing every inner demon out to attack from every angle.

Episode 17: Dr. Griffin
Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Tim Hunter
The time has come, the Doctor said, to talk of many things. Of faults and love and marriages of surgeries and many other things. As Christian and Sean seek out professional help from a couples therapist, they discuss the many troubles had as of late. Seeing a lost and distressed Sean feel the pressures from his partners actions and finally coming forward with his decision to call things quits. Going through with several exercises which open up real emotions otherwise holding back on. The biggest reveal being when Christian comes forth about  forging his signature way back when; having risked everything they had built.
Presuming such could be fixed with money, as doesn’t it seem to fix everything? He brings in Liz to help moderate and state a few worries of her own, inquiring as to why after working so many years with the duo, why they hadn’t considered making her a partner by this point. Confessing in Sean having donated sperm and that in fact, she would be expecting, leaving in a fitted fury.

Episode 18: Walter & Edith Krieger
Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by Dirk Wallace Craft
Guess whose back?! Ava (Famke Janssen) returns with a new adoptive child, Raphael. Back to plead for help for her child, who she in actuality stole, unsatisfied with the conditions in which they were keeping him. Using her convincing nature to get Sean’s personal information and hound him at home, seeing Matt’s wedding invitation in the process. For in the last episode he had taken it upon himself to interrupt his father’s therapy session with an introduction to his fiancé, and a last goodbye for knowing he deserved people in his life that would encourage him and not berate his every decision. Going to his fathers after sleeping with Ava (for old times sake) and asking if they would perform the surgery on her child as a wedding gift. However, her web spun too well as she takes him away from his expected wife’s family and steals him in the middle of the ceremony.
Julia coming back with the news of not just getting married again but his home located six thousand miles away and intending on taking the kids with; needing for Sean to sign over his rights.
Episode 19: Hiro Yoshimura
Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by John Scott
Having the audacity to come to his fathers and ask for them to watch Jenna while traveling to Rio with Ava to ensure her child got the surgery needed. Christian makes a deal with the Devil that they hoped would save their son at the end of the day, fully aware of the type of person she could become.  Unsure of wanting her child any longer after the scars left on his body. She claims that the state would be able to provide what she could not, setting her eyes on something more attainable. Doing what was long overdue, overrun by Matt at the airport where he insist on their being together, having the perfect child she’d always wanted. And truly as good as either was going to get. Feeding her family some lie of him and Romana getting back together to also make sure they didn’t worry.
Liz is finally named partner and assist in consulting their last patient for the series, Mr. Yoshimura, a famed adult movie star. Having a heart attack several years back, he wished to rid himself of the scar left atop his chest. Though later passing during the making of one of his films.
While Julia says her goodbyes, confessing to Christian that Sean needed real help, being a thief of souls and only nearly escaping herself. Dissolving their partnership and insisting that they have a last supper while we’re allotted time to linger on the finality of it all.

With everything said and done,  the series had a good run while it lasted. The progression for the characters was ever-changing and varying enough to keep true fans of the show satisfied with the way most ties were finally cut. While it was sad to see certain characters go here and there, it was ultimately the only way for them to receive closure in their lives. With Ryan Murphy truly being a master of television, sure to continually give his audiences what they expected from their core cast, as shown throughout the several series having created. The last scene of Nip/Tuck certainly something I was able to part with knowing that despite all the changes each of the characters had gone through, grown from and moved on from; some things would always remain the same.