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Written by Carey & Chad Hayes Directed by James Wan

Having removed any preliminaries concerning the Annabelle doll, we could press forward to the real story at hand: Ed and Lorraine Warren. Because despite what you may have heard concerning this film and the Perron’s, what you won’t hear circulating is that the infamous couple didn’t in fact help out the family. But according to the head of the household (Roger Perron) only made things worse, forced to insist they leave the property after his wife’s exorcism; what we see portrayed at the end on this film. Refitted into James Wans version of the truth or rather-the Warrens since it’s based on their own files. Opposed to the trilogy of books the eldest Perron daughter (Andrea) would release years later. Though she did have a say in the matter (regarding the film) it seemed more like she was in it for the ride, abiding to a story she knew would be over exaggerated for the purpose of the audience. Having always been pretty vocal on this couple in the past, I can assure you that my opinion hasn’t changed and that it does not intend to so long as I’m forced to see their names attached to any ‘true’ stories.

Though the film does revolve around the Perron family who in any case, moved to Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1970 so as to raise their five daughters on the 200 acre property. Wherein after moments of moving in do the girls play a game that will undoubtedly be used as a scare tactic later on in the story (eerily fun at least). Finding that their house was full of all sorts of treasures. Come on-if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all! Their daughters get picked on, the house-she stirs and eventually the mother is chosen as the conduit. “Infestation, oppression and possession.”

The reason I say the story is more about the Warren’s being that while we may have heard their names thrown about on this case versus that. We haven’t exactly seen a lot of how they were as a couple in their everyday life, with a daughter their own. Of which we delve into, sprinkling all the nonsense concerning the Annabelle doll and hence the prequel. The one thing I can’t doubt being the love that Ed and Lorraine truly had for one another. Which is displayed as they overcome their own obstacles while ‘assisting’ the Perrons. As we hear about a previous exorcism having gone too far, causing Lorraine to see something that changed her, prompting this whole spiel (and side plot) on how God had brought them together for a purpose. I believe so too-to dupe many, many people.

The reason for this films success can be attributed to two major factors. First being few selected cast members who simply…did their job. Lili Taylor has always been great at showcasing her emotions, or rather having perfected the perfect breakdown (regardless of situation). So that was definitely the smarter choice to have supposedly gone through all these horrific events as they unfold before her family. Having accustomed myself to the ever witty and sneering Ron Livingston, he did feel a bit out of place. While it may seem harsh to imply that a range of emotions are not exactly his forte, he simply belongs in a different genre (Horror definitely not it). Though the five daughters-Andrea (Shanley Caswell), Nancy (Hayley Caswell), Christine (Joey King), Cindy (Mackenzie Foy) and April (Kyla Deaver) each received their fair share of screen time, there was obvious favoritism. Leaving us with the Warrens, portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Who were sure to spend plenty of time with Lorraine off of set, (who also cameos in the film) and in regards did a good job of maintaining the illusion that the couple worked so hard for.

 Second- James Wan is an amazingly talented Director. Even if you don’t agree with his vision/movie choice, one can’t deny the capabilities he’s able to have shine through onto film. With the amount of discrepancies throughout however, I simply can’t entertain their truths but rather just enjoy it for the Horror film it ends up being. Because even the back story for the house was kind of rhetorical at this point. How many damned earths with glorious two story houses, that are also pretty cheap, stories must we regurgitate? The real Peron family stayed on the land a total of ten years. Due to financial constraints as one can imagine with such a big family. However-if your family’s lives were at stake, then how much is it really costing you to rid yourselves of such “spirits.” Guess what mutha-truckers, the house is haunted! Get out and stay out.