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Having always been an avid fan of the Horror genre, I was shocked to hear of a convention catering to my kind back in 2010. While a bit of a drive, I knew it had to be something experienced, to feel normal, to feel like I wasn’t alone. Because up until that point I had never been around a group of people who could actually keep up with me in a conversation concerning film, let alone the Horror genre. Yet stepping through the Sheraton doors (which was the previous location) I knew but more importantly, felt, at home. The environment, the people attending…it was a different league all together and my rookie year was almost too much to take in.

Loyd Cryer, founder of Texas Frightmare Weekend, has always seemed to outdo himself. This year by far surpassing the previous decade; though that just may be bias ol’ me. Because while 2015 provided a mini Scream reunion with Guests Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich, this year the latter would return with a partner in crime, an officer and a lady. Living legend Robert Englund also making his way back to the convention with Elm Street brats from EVERY installment. Zombie God, George A. Romero also in attendance with a very special photo op offering Howard Sherman (a.k.a Bub from Day of the Dead) in makeup provided by Tom Savini and Nora Hewitt (winner of Syfy’s Face Off, season 9). Alongside a mini reunion from Return of the Living Dead including Allan Trautman (Tarman) & Beverly Randolph (Tina). The list simply…ongoing but my point being that, this convention has grown, progressed and been handled as a labor of love, despite being misunderstood at times. The lack of space, given that it’s been held at the Hyatt Regency by the DFW Airport for the past six years, has been an obvious complaint. However, it’s also created an entirely different atmosphere in which a convention can even be had. An (almost)accommodating staff aside, those who regularly attend fully accept the downfalls, realizing that the perks far outweigh the cons!

For a lot of people who are not able to regularly attend a con, a lot can be overwhelming and unfortunately, there is not always time to get everything done. But that is what makes it part of the con life. You take the good with the bad and be thankful you can even say you attended something others might never be able to. There are rules that one must abide by, in order to survive a convention of Frightmare’s nature. But this past weekend really brought me to tears for how thankful I was to Loyd Cryer and the rest of the staff working the event. Those who’ve been around know the work you put in year round for us. It does not go unnoticed and you continue to improve (and impress) every. single. year. A HUGE thank you to Alexander Wolf and his crew for busting their asses to get an insurmountable amount of Ops taken care of. With a shout out to Jay of Incision Posters for providing my walls with the only wallpaper I’ll ever need (LOTS and LOTS of posters). It would simply be too much to speak about or even try to convey through words. This weekend has meant the world to me and I’m just (extremely) thankful for the long lasting memories that were made in the process.

Naturally no, this is not everything that went down at Frightmare. Attempting to even quantify it in a matter of a page would be damn near impossible. If ever able to make it down to Dallas and appreciate the world of which you find yourself surrounded by, more importantly coming in with a thankful demeanor, you’re sure to not be disappointed.