Enter Wonderland…

The reason I am doing this site is to not only share my incredible love for cinema but to as well let you all into my wonderland, as I call it. Film changed my vision forever and I hope that never changes.  Like a lot of you I enjoy the whole appeal of the movie industry just, from a different perspective. When I watch a movie I find that I now enjoy them more-so for their camera angles or the way that the director may choose to edit his/her film. I find that the score (soundtrack and noises throughout a film) can make or break a movie in some cases but are important (nonetheless) in reeling in an audience.

This site also streams from the reality that while I am simply a movie lover preaching to her audience I find myself getting angry when a good movie doesn’t get the recognition as it should. Not every movie is essentially trying to get the Academy Award or Oscar. Yet they set what seems this standard of what makes a good film and in doing so have taken away the pure enjoyment we otherwise get from them. There are several different kinds of movie goers and rules within each genre/sub-genre of what in fact makes a movie ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ If you have someone reviewing a Horror film that believes the very genre is laughable, can they really give a sincere opinion on whether it should be viewed or not?

Having said that, I plan to take a crack out of this whole movie thing and see if I can at least give an open and straightforward opinion on the films I view. Taking into account that there will be many who do not agree with or see my point of view of to which I say, that nice small box at the top right corner with the X can make this all go away.


**Ultimately these are my ideas and the ideas of whoever decides to discuss any movie with myself or other people who view the site. Any clips, pictures, or sound bites included within the site are also not mine, but belong to the net. **

5 thoughts on “Enter Wonderland…”

  1. Summit10 said:

    i’ll took the RED pill…Cheers!

  2. OK, I’m taking my first step into the hole, it’s dark in here! Here goes…

  3. Wrong move sucka! *maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh* =)

  4. Hey LO WO, just updated my blogroll and put your link in there.

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